Meet our Interns!

EC Cape Town welcomes interns Philipina & Yanik to the team!

“Hi, my name is Philipina Kwarteng and I am a German student that fortunately got the chance to do an internship at EC Cape Town. As there is a lot of pressure on young people to choose a job & decide on which direction they want to focus on, I consider internships as a perfect way to learn from others, to find the inspiration you were craving for and to broaden your horizon
For me, Cape Town & especially EC school offer the best conditions for such an internship because there is such a great diversity of people from all over the world that you are dealing with. And apart from a spectacular variety of activities to choose from the atmosphere is amazing.
Besides the open-minded, kind and welcoming way in which I am treated by most South Africans, especially EC staff, I feel I have support for my stony path into the business world. In the end, it’s all about the experiences you have and this one is definitely one of the best I have ever had for which I am very grateful
Thank you EC!”

“My name is Yanik and I am an intern here for 2 months. For my studies in a French Business School and to improve my English I decided to do an internship in a foreign country. For that I chose Cape Town and EC!
Cape Town is a wonderful city with a lot of activities and places to visit.
Since I‘ve been here, all the staff is understanding and open minded. There is a great team spirit in the school & this training is a wonderful experience for me.”



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