Film Monday!

Join Danica in the student lounge today at 15h15 to watch ‘Life As We Know It’. With subtitles

Public Holiday- Youth Day- 16 June

Youth Day is a national holiday in honour of all the young people who lost their lives in the struggle against Apartheid. *Please note school will be closed Thursday 16 June We have a day tour to the ‘World of Birds & Hout Bay’: we start at World of Birds- a tropical garden setting in the Hout Bay Valley housing over 3000 birds, monkeys and small animals. This is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers! We also visit Hout Bay Harbour where fish & chips at Mariners Wharf is a must. You can also take a boat trip to Seal Island from the Harbour Cost: R170 (Optional Seal Island boat trip R50) Not much time left? Take a long weekend and explore other parts of the scenic Western Cape! Experience the Overberg, Little Karoo and Garden Route on an adventure packed 4 day tour! Shark cage dive, 2 hour game drive, Cango Caves tour, breakfasts and dinners, accommodation, all included! Leaves early on Thursday morning, returning Sunday afternoon- ONLY R3900 per person! Speak to Claudia at reception for more information

Pool Tournament

Congratulations to Ashur for winning the pool tournament! More pictures on the EC Cape Town Facebook page:

Free Activities at EC Cape Town

EC Cape Town offers free academic activities and services to all students. During these activities students are able to enhance their English skills by interacting with teachers and students at all levels one on one and in group settings. Pronunciation Workshop Students meet once a week with EC Cape Town’s pronunciation expert to work on improving vowel and consonant pronunciation. Students also practice accurate sentence and word stress and natural intonation. Listening Centre Daily sessions are available throughout the day where students can practice listening skills through lectures, news broadcasts, audio-books and listening tasks, with the help of EC Cape Town’s staff. Film Afternoon Twice a month, students are offered the opportunity to watch a film. These films are to enhance listening and reading skills through the use of subtitles. Lectures Offered twice a month, lectures offer students contact time with native speakers and the opportunity to practice extended listening. Students will be exposed to a variety of topics, and regional accents, and are encouraged to ask questions to interact with the lecturer.


Students spent an adrenalin pumping 4 hours playing paintball on the weekend. Split into 2 teams, players had to do their best not to get shot whilst trying to shoot people from the other team! If you were hit, you had to stay in the same place until a teammate touched you, after which you could start moving again. For most students it was their first time, and despite the sting by the paint-splattering bullets, they said they will definitely do it again!