Write a Review on EC Cape Town

Share your experience of studying at our school and living in Cape Town! You can write a review of your time on www.mylanguagetravel.com* *MyLanguageTravel.com is an easy way to recommend and talk about your language course. It aims to help other students make a more informed choice about choosing a … Read more

EduSA Teacher Training Day

EC Cape Town had the great opportunity of hosting South Africa’s very first EFL conference for teachers on Saturday 16th July. 84 teachers and 16 Directors of Studies and Assistant Directors of Studies from 13 EduSA (Education South Africa) attended this day which was jam-packed with workshops all h … Read more

It’s Shark Cage Diving Season!

Did you know South Africa has one of the top shark diving regions in the world? Just 2 hours from Cape Town is Gansbaai where you will find the densest population of Great White Sharks! From July to October is the best time to see these magnificent creatures as they are particularly active in their … Read more

A Look Into The Classroom

This morning students – Ali Aljerhani ( Saudi Arabia ) and Benaj Argadal ( Turkey ) in Nasreen’s Intermediate class were very busy in a game of “Swot the Verb”. The verbs “do” and “make” on the whiteboard, the teacher calls out a word and students must … Read more

Horse Riding on the Beach

“On Saturday 9 July we took a scenic train ride down the coastline to the picturesque town on Noordhoek where we were going horse-riding on one of the most beautiful beaches in SA. Although it’s ‘Winter’ here, it was a very warm and sunny day which made the atmosphere in the … Read more

EduSA Teacher Training Day 2011 on 16 July 2011

‘Education South Africa (EduSA) English language schools join forces to offer a day of teacher training’ The rapidly-growing TEFL industry (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) will be running their first Training Day, which is a culmination of extensive research, planning and industry supp … Read more

Read in our LIBRARY or borrow our books!

Pick up a good book, magazine or DVD from the library on the 1st floor! We have: Books- all levels (fiction & non-fiction), South African literature, graded readers Magazines- National Geographic. business, science, fashion DVDs- comedy, horror, action, adventure & more! (R50 deposit per DVD … Read more