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EduSA Teacher Training Day

EC Cape Town had the great opportunity of hosting South Africa’s very first EFL conference for teachers on Saturday 16th July. 84 teachers and 16 Directors of Studies and Assistant Directors of Studies from 13 EduSA (Education South Africa) attended this day which was jam-packed with workshops all headed by local EFL professionals, competitions and a magnificent and fun-filled prize-giving. Each teacher attended 3 workshops which were selected when registering and the feedback was brilliant. Pearson Education sponsored the teacher goodies bags which were filled with resources and materials for each delegate as well as awarding the schools that helped organise the event a magnificent school pack. Pearson also sponsored 21 gift packs which teachers had to win through competitions and raffles and the events’ lunch which was independently catered for and was thoroughly enjoyed. Oxford University Press sponsored 12 x gift packs Cambridge University Press sponsored the mid-day refreshments. Thanks to the generous efforts of these 3 publishers each delegate walked away with fantastic resources. All in all a terrific day of education, networking and fun was had by all. A big thank you to all the Directors of Studies and Assistant Directors of Studies that worked so hard to make it all happen, EduSA for their support, the publishers for taking part with so much enthusiasm and of course the teachers, for whom this day was dedicated. We hope that this is the start of more fabulous EFL seminars and conferences. EC Cape Town DOS Nicoletta

It’s Shark Cage Diving Season!

Did you know South Africa has one of the top shark diving regions in the world? Just 2 hours from Cape Town is Gansbaai where you will find the densest population of Great White Sharks! From July to October is the best time to see these magnificent creatures as they are particularly active in their feeding behaviour and visibility is at its best. Shark Alley- as the area is called- is also home to Cape Fur Seals, African Penguins, and a wide variety of sea birds. It is also the best time of the year to spot Southern Right Whales! To book a Shark Cage Diving day trip and for more information speak to Claudia! Cost: R995 (EC student price) Includes: transport to and from Cape Town, equipment & meals No experience required

A Look Into The Classroom

This morning students – Ali Aljerhani ( Saudi Arabia ) and Benaj Argadal ( Turkey ) in Nasreen’s Intermediate class were very busy in a game of “Swot the Verb”. The verbs “do” and “make” on the whiteboard, the teacher calls out a word and students must race to swot whether the correct verb is indeed “do” or “make” Eg: cake – make a cake, homework – do your homework. Well done Nasreen and students!! Nicoletta – DOS

Horse Riding on the Beach

“On Saturday 9 July we took a scenic train ride down the coastline to the picturesque town on Noordhoek where we were going horse-riding on one of the most beautiful beaches in SA. Although it’s ‘Winter’ here, it was a very warm and sunny day which made the atmosphere in the restaurants and cafes and on the beach even more delightful. After this really lovely day filled with adrenalin & good food we were all exhausted but happy!” – Philippina More pictures on the EC Cape Town Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ec.cape.town

EduSA Teacher Training Day 2011 on 16 July 2011

‘Education South Africa (EduSA) English language schools join forces to offer a day of teacher training’ The rapidly-growing TEFL industry (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) will be running their first Training Day, which is a culmination of extensive research, planning and industry support, as a precursor to the English for Foreigners Language (EFL) Teachers’ Conference being planned for 2012. This day serves to bring together English teachers from EduSA member schools to meet each other, network and attend training sessions by some of the best EFL minds in the country. The electives being offered are the result of extensive research wherein the teachers all selected the sessions they wanted, based on their development needs. By the time registration closed, we had approximately 80 EFL teachers signed up for the day. All in all, about 100 delegates are expected to attend. This includes the teachers who have registered, publishers, guest speakers and the Directors of Studies and members of EduSA who are responsible for organising the event. EduSA (the national association of quality English language centres) is a member of SAYTC (the South African Youth Travel Confederation), and the day is part of an initiative to involve the publishers more in the TEFL industry in this country, and to make them aware of the fact that this industry is fast becoming one of the largest contributors of the Youth/Travel sector. Various publishers were approached to be a part of this day of input and training, and there was involvement and interest from many fronts. The biggest contributions came from Pearson Education, both from their UK office and from their SA office. Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press were also sponsors involved in supporting the event, and it is due to the generosity from these publishers that all delegates who … Read more

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