Thank you for your support!

My time in Florida and at EC Miami as Acting Academic Director has come to an end – but has it really? It doesn’t just end because I am leaving. What I have learned here, I will carry home with me and hold forever and THAT alone is nothing short of fantastic. This experience on a whole was unforgettable and I have grown immensely both professionally but also on a personal level. I would like take this opportunity to thank Amanda, Elisa, Reese and David for the support they afforded me during my stay but also for their incredible warmth and friendship. Cheers to all those hysterical moments of non- comprehension because of US / UK English!! Your fantastic spirit is palpable and I therefore really felt at home. Elisa -it’s simple – you are going to ROCK that academic department! To my Miami teachers – I hope that someday our paths will cross – you are all very talented individuals and I feel fortunate and enlightened to have met and worked with you. Continue doing what you do best and never forget what NB stands for 🙂 EC Miami and the friendships I have made will forever hold a very special place in my heart. It was truly an honour. Again a big thanks to the team. Always Nicoletta