Farewell Ceremony 25th May 2012

Another week ends and another farewell ceremony. We would love to wish these recent graduates a wonderful trip back home. We are so proud of you and your well deserved achievements at EC! Come back soon!

‘Awesome Autumn Chill Event’

At EC Language School Cape Town we pride ourselves on giving students new activities and events to bring our students together to make new friends and to get to know each other a little better outside the classrom (and their teachers). ‘Awesome Autumn Chill Event’ went very well. Students and teachers had an absolutely wonderful ‘chilled’ evening and if you don’t believe me why not take a look at these stunning photos! I think we may need another ‘Awesome’ event like this soon!

Advanced & IELTS excursion to Iziko National Art Gallery

Advanced and IELTS students were taken on an excursion to Michealis Art School and the Iziko National Art Gallery last week friday for a chance to engage with South Africa’s Contemporary Art Scene. Students were exposed to Candice Breitz’s amazing EXTRA! exhibition (http://www.iziko.org.za/news/entry/candice-breitz-extra) and a chance to view ‘Arab Priest’, as well as several other exquisite exhibitions on offer. After their excursion students were tasked with writing a review of their trip and a piece of artwork that truly inspired them and the results were amazing. Here are a few excerpts from students reviews: “After visiting the museum, I think that the movie room with the twins was the best for me. It was very curious to watch the brothers talking about each other as thy seem to know quite a lot about the other person. They know all the physical differences and personality differences. That had such an impact on me because I really do not know so much about the people that are around me and I realised after that how important it is to know more about others so.. our life can be so much richer. Another aspect I liked was the way that the artist shows the videos, the simplicity of the venue, the beautiful colours in the screen and the contrast between darkness and colours at the same time” “On this outing I found a special piece of art which really inspired me. The picture had three people who stand up symmetrically and look like a tribe, because they are wearing typical clothes which evoke some ideas related to Africa… The most impressive feature which the picture gives is the people’s skin because it has been photoshopped white, which is quite unusual… The picture breaks our visual understanding and in some way makes us think … Read more

Certificate Ceremony 18 May 2012

EC Cape Town bid a fond farewell to graduating students on Friday afternoon. We wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you all back in Cape Town soon!

An Art-full Experience

The Advanced and IELTS classes at EC Cape Town will be taking in some local arts and culture on a visit to the National Art Gallery and Michealis House. Students will learn about art in South Africa and learn about the collections and bequests that the galleries have on display! Pictures and reviews to follow! Watch this space!

Walks and Visits

On Tuesday, EC Cape Town welcomed its newest students to a walk around Cape Town City Centre. Introducing students to the vibrant Mother City where they will be spending the next few weeks.

‘Awesome Autumn Chill Event’

Autumn is upon us and EC Cape Town will be hosting a seasonal soiree to welcome the chilly weather. Tomorrow evening from 6:30pm to 9:30pm students are invited to an evening of hot topics and warm conversation. See you there in your best autumn dress Pictures to follow!!!!!!!!