Top Teacher in June ~ Hardie Bosman

Congratulations Hardie! For the individual attention you give your students, for the kids of St Pauls and EC Cape Town’s library… Thank you for going the extra mile Hardie! Cape Town Academic Team

New Elective: Comparative Culture & Communication

EC students come from all corners of the globe and for this reason we cannot think of a better way to learn about other cultures than through a course that uses Comparative Culture and Communication as a platform and real-life context for English language learning! This syllabus focuses on activatin … Read more

Students visit the historical Slave Lodge

Pre-Intermediate and Low Intermediate students were treated to a surprise yesterday, when they were told that they were going to have their lesson out of the classroom! We made our way down to the Slave Lodge, situated on the corner of Adderley and Wale Street. Armed with worksheets and pens in hand … Read more

St Paul’s Primary Voluntary Work

As part of EC Cape Town’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, our weekly visit to St Paul’s Primary School in the Bo-Kaap has been going well. Hardie and I had our last lesson with the children on Tuesday afternoon before their school holiday, which begins tomorrow. While Ha … Read more

New Elective: World of Words

Without an extensive range of vocabulary, expressing oneself can be difficult and somewhat tiresome. WOW aims to develop students vocabulary bank and the linguistic tools needed to explore a wide range of topics – from communication and current affairs to history. Some example topics are are & … Read more

New Elective: Film Studies

It encompasses a wide variety of topics, from romance to politics, science, history, documentaries and even silent movies. It’s a subject that lends itself to a wide range of formats with clips, posters, behind-the-scenes footage, DVD commentaries, screenplay and of course the film itself. It& … Read more

New Elective: The Language of Music

Music brings all cultures together. It’s a form of comunication that all organisms relate to. So it’s with this inspiration that EC brings an elective course dedicated to music. Music touches upon most aspects of life, from simple entertainment to politics, business, education, health &a … Read more

Media Studies Week #1 wraps up with Dangerous Reporting

The first week of our brand new class, Media Studies, ended with students giving presentations on “Dangerous Reporting”. Individually, students had to research various news stories which could prove to be dangerous for reporters. Some of the presentations sparked a lot of discussion in c … Read more