New Elective: The Language of Music

Music brings all cultures together. It’s a form of comunication that all organisms relate to. So it’s with this inspiration that EC brings an elective course dedicated to music.

Music touches upon most aspects of life, from simple entertainment to politics, business, education, health & therapy making it an excellent vehicle for language learning.

The syllabus aims to provide opportunity for the development of sub-skills and activation of language systems learnt in the core lessons. The selection of topics relating to the context of music bounces to and from: from a macro to micro view as well as the more intricate details of the art form.

Students can expect to experience task-based and blended learning techniques which lend themselves to facilitating the students’ immersion in English in the most natural form- through communication & interacting with peers.

Level: Pre-Intermediate and above
Cycle: 4 weeks –> thereafter Academic Year students can choose another elective (where possible) and General English students will be moved to an elective of their level based on availability

Music is soul food! Let’s make it a learning tool too!



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