New Elective: World of Words

Without an extensive range of vocabulary, expressing oneself can be difficult and somewhat tiresome. WOW aims to develop students vocabulary bank and the linguistic tools needed to explore a wide range of topics – from communication and current affairs to history. Some example topics are are “The Wonders of the World” and “The Mysterious World”. Focus is also made on the development of the tools needed to discuss and present thoughts and opinions and the skills needed to share and react to information.
The targeted areas will be wrapped up each week with a mini-project creating a class paper, organising an international day and having a press conference following the release of a new book.

Have you ever asked yourself how you can remember vocabulary and then actively use it when the need arises?

Level: Intermediate and above
Cycle: 4 weeks –> thereafter Academic Year students can choose another elective (where possible) and General English students will be moved to an elective of their level based on availability

This is for you- WOW yourself!



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