Rugby at Newlands Stadium

Saturday afternoon started with a short train ride to Newlands stadium where we were greeted by crowds of excited people on their way to Newlands for the big match! The atmosphere outside the stadium was electric and we couldn’t help but get pumped up for the match that was to come, even though it was most of the student’s first time ever to watch a rugby match! We arrived at the stadium early enough, just in time for a quick stop at the Boerewors roll stand to give everyone a taste of a real South African traditional treat!

A few minutes before the match we were all seated and ready to see two excellent South African Rugby teams face each other on the field! The match started out as a close battle, which had everyone at the edge of their seats, but luckily later on the points kept on coming from the Stormers, much to the delight of the fans! The stadium went crazy every time the Stormers scored… and so did we! The energy of the crowd was amazing and infectious! Needless to say, the home team won the match and we decided to celebrate the great win by having a drink at The Forresters Arms in Newlands, which is one of the oldest pubs in South Africa!

Before the match I asked a student what she knew about Rugby and her reply was: “ Big, strong men wearing very short shorts.” I’m sure all of us would agree that we definitely got not only this out of the day, but much, much more! It was a day to remember for sure!

– Nicola, teacher



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