The Amazing Race

Making the most of a sunny Winter’s day, the streets of Cape Town were buzzing and the students of EC Cape town were excited to take part in an exciting challenge known as “The Amazing Race”. The challenge consisted of a range of tasks that had to be carried out by students working together in pairs or small groups. Students had to speak to the locals in Long Street in order to get specific information to complete the tasks. Some of the tasks included finding out how many languages the South African anthem consists of, how many colours are on the South African flag, the names of South African politicians, how to greet someone in African languages, and much more!
The participants consisted of the following classes: Pre-Intermediate1, Pre Intermediate5 and Intermediate3, accompanied by their teachers: Nicola, Adele and Tonia.

Before embarking on the journey many students seemed daunted by the task ahead of them, but the nervousness soon faded away and was replaced by smiles as the students realised how easy and fun it actually is to speak English in real everyday situations! The entire Long Street was filled with groups of EC students chatting with Cape Town locals and it was wonderful to see so many students using their language skills successfully!

All of the students did an excellent job in the challenge and gave it their all, but in every race there is always a winning team! Our winning team of the day consisted of Haneen and Benay who came running to the end point with great determination! The next team was Haifa and Mohammed who arrived just a few minutes later, followed by the team of Walid, Telson and Natalie who came in third! Congratulations to the winning teams, but also to all of the students who participated in the challenge! You were all winners at the end of the day!

– Nicola



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