Surviving Sushi!

This week in the Survival English afternoon class the topic was ‘Food and Restaurants’. Sticking to the theme, we decided to speak about types of food that we haven’t tried before and sushi was a hot topic! A group of fearless students said that they would definitely try it if the opportunity presented itself. This afternoon, to everyone’s surprise one of the students arrived at the class with a take-away box of sushi! Everyone in the class agreed to try at least one piece of sushi. Some liked it more than others, but in general it was a very special and entertaining moment for everyone in the class. Thank you to all of the students who were such great sports in the class!

Here are a few pictures of the best moments in class:

Abubaker cautiously looking at the sushi which Faris bought.

“Should I do this?”

“Okay, here I go!”


-Nicola, Teacher



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