Free Summer Concerts in De Waal Park 2012/ 2013

This Sunday 4 November sees the start of the popular De Waal Park Summer Concerts. The concerts are free and feature a line up of impressive South African artists. No food is on sale so take a picnic & blanket and experience some of SA’s great musicians at one of Cape Town’s best public parks. Definitely a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 2012/ 2013 Concert line up:

Rugby at Newlands

A few weeks ago a group of students from EC went to Newlands Rugby Stadium to see the Western Province take on the Cheetahs. Here are some long awaited photo’s of that awesome day!

EC Football

On Thursday 25 October, students played each other in a friendly game of football. Great fun had by all! More pictures on the EC Cape Town Facebook page

Are you a Chocoholic?

If you want to know how you can get your hands on one of these delicious treats, come to the Academic Year Lecture, “The History of Chocolate”, on Thursday 25th October at 15.15 in room 3.5. All levels welcome! “Life is like a box of chocolates … You never know what you’re gonna get.” – Forrest Gump See you there! Nicoletta/DOS

Lecture: Leadership by Edilson Soares Buchartts

Edilson Soares, an Ielts exam preparation student from Angola jumped at the opportunity to showcase his newly acquired English skills and get some valuable practice in, by holding a lecture for Academic Year students ~ lectures are held every fortnight to provide free note-taking and listening practice. AY students complete a task and hand it in to the AY Coordinator for assessment. Edilson’s lecture was about Leadership – his talk covers areas such as the qualities a leader should have, “who” a leader should be, why it’s important to have a leader and how to recognise one. His lecture included delicate nuances and very interesting and rather captivating metaphors. We are very proud of him and we hope that other students were inspired and motivated by his performance! The very best of luck for the exams next week Edilson ~ we are certain you will come out tops! – Nicoletta, DOS

Cape Town becoming Africa’s Hollywood

Dredd 3D based on the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd and released worldwide in September, was shot entirely on location in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The movie is set in future America where Judge Dredd, a law enforcer given the power of judge, jury and executioner, must bring order to a feared slum and its resident drug lord. Cape Town is becoming a hot film location. Times Magazine has cited low cost, the versatility and convenience of locations within a few hours’ drive of Cape Town as the key factors to South Africa’s movie-making appeal. Lead actor of Dredd, Karl Urban said, “Cape Town Film Studios were a world-class facility and the South African crew great to work with.” Dredd is not the only movie to be shot in South Africa. Most recently ‘Safe House’ (2012), starring Denzil Washington and Ryan Reynolds, ‘Chronicle’ (2012), Clint Eastwood’s Invictus (2009), with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman, Blood Diamond (2006), with Leonardo DiCaprio and Lord of War (2005), with Nicolas Cage, to mention just a few, have all been filmed here.