Advertise This!

The Intermediate 4 class became advertising experts!

The lovely students from Hardie’s Intermediate 4 class sparkled today as Advertising Agencies! They had to transform a soft, sparkling, juicy drink into one of the most popular drinks for kids. They were asked to come up with a catchy name, a slogan and an advertising strategy. They had to design their campaign and promotional plans. Their product design had to demonstrate creativity, originality and market appeal.

They practised their independant research skills and creativity and they were able to convey their pitches in perfect English! (using conditionals!)

Well done , ladies and gentlemen…..If you offer me something, I’d certainly buy it!

Moola from Libya, Aziz from Yemen and Kerim from Turkey working out a pitch.
Mohamed Saaed (alias: “Bieberboy”) from Yemen, Hamli from Turkey en Mr. Alshawesh from Libya at the helm of their agency.
Gertrude from Mozambique, Letitia from Gabon and AnnaMaria from Colombia was the “AbsoluteA” advertising agency.
Gertrude from Mozambique
Kerim from Turkey pitching hard.
AbdulAziz Alay from Yemen drew BB to endorse their product. Abdulmoola from Libya and Kerim from Turkey agreed.
Devil’s Advocates! Ripping the pitches apart!
Hamli from Turkey trying to persuade people to buy his product!