31 May – UN & WoW World No Tobacco/Smoking Day

Today EC Cape Town observed World No Tobacco/Smoking Day. Students were encouraged to swop a cigarette for a lollipop! Some students put out the one they were smoking and one student, Hazim, from Libya, surrendered his ENTIRE packet! Teachers also parted with their break-time puff for a sweet lolly. The cigerettes collected were then destroyed and the tobacco will be collected and sprinkled on the Academic Year Tree – fresh tobacco keep plant pests at bay:) All in the name of good health! Thank you to everyone who took part.  

Congratulations Danushca!

All EC staff got together yesterday to wish Danushca all the best for her wedding which will take place this Saturday 1 June. Wishing you lots of joy and happiness on your special day as you begin your wonderful and exciting journey together!

Pronunciation Schedule – June

EC Cape Town offers free academic activities and services to all students. During these activities students are able to enhance their English skills by interacting with teachers and students at all levels one on one and in group settings. Among the free activities is our weekly Pronunciation Workshop where students improve vowel and consonant pronunciation as well as word stress and natural intonation. Join a teacher every Wednesday from 15h15 in Room 5.10 for a free pronunciation class. See June schedule below: Study ESL abroad at EC Cape Town and improve your pronunciation!

Score cards for Hardie’s Intermediate Class

Wow!! These students were over the moon with their results. Sheetal, Academic Year Coordinator, dropped in just before the end of the Reading Circle session. The students were enjoying milk and cookies  (part of their Reading Circle lesson with “When Summer Comes” ) and reviewing their weekly results for Participation and Motivation, Homework and Reading Circle on the Score Cards. Keep up the great work guys!

Theatre: Long Street Nights

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC On Thursday, 23 May a group of students joined me at Baxter Theatre for Long Street Nights. It is a play set in the heart of Cape Town’s party district. It follows the lives of 6 different, dynamic individuals whose lives are woven together through their individual stories. While many of our students are familiar with the well-known, vibrant “night playground”, it was an interesting experience for them to watch a play which was also a culmination of various cultures and accents! The students thoroughly enjoyed the evening and many found that they could, in fact, relate to the stories.

Lecture: Develop An Attitude of Gratitude

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC Following the act of gratitude shown by my Pre-Intermediate class towards Abdul (our friendly security and door attendant), I felt extremely inspired to start a wave of gratitude. For many years, I have kept a “Gratitude Journal” where at the end of every day, I list everything I am grateful for  – from my health, to my two healthy, loving and supportive parents, a job that I love, supportive colleagues…and the list just goes on and on. I have even written that I was grateful for the petrol attendant for serving me with such a beautiful smile and graceful attitude. My point is that you can be grateful for ANYTHING. Even people who feel as though they have hit rock bottom have something to say “thank you” for. Even if it’s just for a meal, or the hot water they showered in. Each one of us says “Thank You” on a daily basis, but what do we really mean by it and do we honestly “feel” it? Even though I write a daily gratitude list, in an effort to start a trend amongst those close to me, I started “Thankful Thursday” where we list what we were grateful for that particular week. On Thursday, 23 May I was very excited to have the lecture slot available where I could give a presentation titled “Develop an Attitude of Gratitude”. My wish is for it to spread like wildfire. Why? Because I would love others to feel as elated as I do when I receive the many gifts of blessings that are given to me…just by being aware of everything around me and by being grateful. I shared two very personal stories. Firstly, my months of being unemployed which led me to a place that had no … Read more

Cultural Diversity Day

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC On Tuesday, 21 May staff and students observed the annual World Day for Cultural Diversity. According to its website, the 2013 campaign encourages people to take action to support diversity and it aims: -To raise awareness worldwide about the importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion. -To build a world community of individuals committed to support diversity with real and every day life gestures. -To combat polarization and stereotypes to improve understanding and cooperation among people from different cultures. Some staff members came to school dressed in traditional attire – all in an effort to celebrate the melting pot that is South Africa (AKA “The Rainbow Nation”) At 3pm, everyone gathered in the student lounge to acknowledge this special day. We were even treated to a traditional Xhosa song! Teachers then took part in a short piece of the “Welcome to Cape Town” song performed by the Cape Town Minstrels. In addition to this, students who wished to, could stay on and enjoy a DVD about the cultural diversity in South Africa. As is South African (and EC Cape Town culture!), no one left empty-handed. Everyone was given a little bag of spices with a recipe for a traditional Cape Malay Curry. We all had a wonderful and very colourful day enjoying and embracing each others cultural identity, which is so easily forgotten in today’s global community.

Abdul Appreciation

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC It started out as a general exercise where students had to formulate questions using the grammar point they used. The Pre-Intermediate 2 class directed their questions to their teacher, Sheetal. They asked what she does in the morning before coming to work. “I read & journal,” she responded. Their interest was piqued and they asked what exactly she reads & writes. She went on to tell them about her Gratitude Journal, where she gives thanks for people and events in her life. The class then came up with a lovely idea to say “Thank You” to Abdul. Their reasoning was quite simple: He’s always very kind and friendly to students at any time of the day, holds the gate open for latecomers in the morning and patiently waits for them to finish their conversations before having to pack the chairs away in the afternoon. On Friday, 18 May Abdul was invited to the Graduation Ceremony on the second floor and to his surprise, he was honoured by all students, especially the Pre-Intermediate 2 class. It was noted that he is the first face many of us see in the morning and the last before we leave to go home, so it is vital that we acknowledge and say thank you! The class presented him with a letter with “Thank You” written in a number of different languages as well as sweet treats.

EC Cape Town’s Score Cards

At EC, all students benefit from receiving a mini report card at the end of each week – Score Cards. Students are graded out of 10 on Participation and Motivation, Homework and Reading Circle ( a programme that promotes literacy  and the benefits thereof ). If the class has done a progress or Level test, the break down of the results and final grade are also added. Students can then discuss these grades with their teachers.The Score Cards help students recognise their strenghs and weaknesses and together with their teachers and can formulate a plan of action for continued progress. We strive to give each student the best possible chance at success and introducing the concecpt of Learner Autonomy is just one of the ways we can assist and guide, therefore the Score Cards also play a vital role in EC Cape Town’s S.P.L.A.S.H Programme – Student Progress through Learner Autonomy, Study Plans and the Homework class. Helping Students Succeed in a Global Community.