31 May – UN & WoW World No Tobacco/Smoking Day

Today EC Cape Town observed World No Tobacco/Smoking Day. Students were encouraged to swop a cigarette for a lollipop! Some students put out the one they were smoking and one student, Hazim, from Libya, surrendered his ENTIRE packet! Teachers also parted with their break-time puff for a sweet lolly. The cigerettes collected were then destroyed and the … Read more

Congratulations Danushca!

All EC staff got together yesterday to wish Danushca all the best for her wedding which will take place this Saturday 1 June. Wishing you lots of joy and happiness on your special day as you begin your wonderful and exciting journey together!

Pronunciation Schedule – June

EC Cape Town offers free academic activities and services to all students. During these activities students are able to enhance their English skills by interacting with teachers and students at all levels one on one and in group settings. Among the free activities is our weekly Pronunciation Workshop where students improve vowel and consonant pronunciation as well as … Read more

Score cards for Hardie’s Intermediate Class

Wow!! These students were over the moon with their results. Sheetal, Academic Year Coordinator, dropped in just before the end of the Reading Circle session. The students were enjoying milk and cookies  (part of their Reading Circle lesson with “When Summer Comes” ) and reviewing their weekly results for Participation and Motivation, Homework and Reading Circle … Read more

Theatre: Long Street Nights

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC On Thursday, 23 May a group of students joined me at Baxter Theatre for Long Street Nights. It is a play set in the heart of Cape Town’s party district. It follows the lives of 6 different, dynamic individuals whose lives are woven together through their individual stories. While many … Read more

Lecture: Develop An Attitude of Gratitude

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC Following the act of gratitude shown by my Pre-Intermediate class towards Abdul (our friendly security and door attendant), I felt extremely inspired to start a wave of gratitude. For many years, I have kept a “Gratitude Journal” where at the end of every day, I list everything I am grateful … Read more

Cultural Diversity Day

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC On Tuesday, 21 May staff and students observed the annual World Day for Cultural Diversity. According to its website, the 2013 campaign encourages people to take action to support diversity and it aims: -To raise awareness worldwide about the importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion. -To build a world … Read more

Abdul Appreciation

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC It started out as a general exercise where students had to formulate questions using the grammar point they used. The Pre-Intermediate 2 class directed their questions to their teacher, Sheetal. They asked what she does in the morning before coming to work. “I read & journal,” she responded. Their interest was … Read more

EC Cape Town’s Score Cards

At EC, all students benefit from receiving a mini report card at the end of each week – Score Cards. Students are graded out of 10 on Participation and Motivation, Homework and Reading Circle ( a programme that promotes literacy  and the benefits thereof ). If the class has done a progress or Level test, … Read more