Pitches for a New Fruit Juice


The very creative students from the Intermediate 4 Class had to imagine themselves as advertising agents. They had to “pitch” (or present) their ideas to a Marketing Manager in order to persuade a company to use their services. The aim was to give a new fruit juice a memorable name, a catchy slogan and present effective ways to advertise the new juice for children Their creative “juices” flew and they “came up” with very marketable ideas. Next time you’re in P & P, “look out” for tropical fruit juices with names like, “JuJu”, “Spring” and “Childish!” Well done, Tareq, HoYong, Cahla, Meral, M. Ba Ali, Joao, Alexandra. Nada and Issa Husni!

Issa, Nada and Alexandra

Joao,. M. Ba Ali and Meral

Cagla, HoYong and Tareq