Visit to CT Air Traffic Control Tower

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC

EC Cape Town regularly has Air Traffic Controllers spending about a week studying English. One of the recent perks has been exclusive visits to the Control Tower at Cape Town International Airport. Our most recent ATC was Bill from Reunion Island. This is what he had to say about his visit to the tower:


Today I’ve got the opportunity to visit Cape Town International Airport’s Control Tower. It was very interesting to speak with air traffic controllers of another country. The airport and the space allocated to air navigation systems are bigger than in my country, but the organisation is the same. I listened to ground, tower and approach frequencies, and heard a flight of Singapore Airlines which flows in Reunion Island airspace in 6 hours.

My stay was very short in Cape Town, but interesting in terms of learning, communication and above all, pleasure.

Thanks a lot to Sheetal for arranging the visit to the airport, and all the others for welcoming.
I had a very good time.
My pleasure to meet you soon.