Global Citizens do a “green” test on EC Cape Town

Students from the Global Citizenship Class and the Intermediate 4 Class of EC Cape Town had to do a “green” test on EC Cape Town. They surveyed our eco-friendliness and our care for the environment. They had to look at our recycling, reducing and re-using capabilities. They also had to ask some “green” questions to our staff and afterwards they had to give EC Cape Town a “green” score. They suggested a score of 70%! Suggestions for improving our environmental awareness were set as homework.   Intermediate 4 students and Hardie with the verdict.   Students in front of the main recycling area on the 5th floor. Theresa is responsible for the actual recycling. Dr. Baleel and Americo asked her about separating the garbage. Andiswa is also responsible for separating the actual garbage. Jessica and Kareem asked her about the handling of “food waste”.   America and HoYong asked some “green” questions to Nicoletta, our DOS. According to the survey Nicoletta is the “greenest” person at EC. She drives a small, eco-friendly car and she teaches her child to recycle!     Americo, Livia, Faruk and Dr. Baleel found something “green” in the library: An organic basked where students could place books which they had already read.   Tareq, Haithm, Alexandra and Iztehar asked Claudia some questions. Claudia is responsible for the environmental awareness at EC Cape Town. Well done Claudia!     Kareem and Jessica found a “green” notice at the photocopier.     Hoyong, Americo, Kareem and Jessica found something “green” in the library: An organic basked where students could place books which they had already read.   Jessica and Kareem asked Teacher Una if she switches off the lights when she leaves the classroom! Of course she does!                             … Read more

Mobile Phone Comparitive Study by Intermediate students.

Yesterday, students in an Intermediate class did a comparitive study of the mobile phones they had. The purpose was for them to accurately use comparitive structures and adjectives. This is what they came up with: “The Samsung Note II’s screen is crisper than the Iphone and in general it’s also more functional. The Iphone’s battery however, lasts alot longer than the Samsungs’. The Vodaphone is cheaper and smaller than the Samsung, Iphone and HTC phones but it works out to be more expensive because it does not have WhatsApp so you spend more money in the end. HTC is heavier than the Samsung. The raw materials used to made the samsung are of better quality.” Well done Ebtehal, Nawal, Mohammed, Daniel, Rita and Walid in Nicoletta and Kate’s Intermediate class.

AY Lecture 1 August -“Yoga and You”

Yoga and You Is Yoga a sport or a religion? Come find out! Join Samia and Nicoletta as they tell you why they have chosen to do Yoga. Learn about Yoga history, different types of Yoga, why one can practice it and there will even be a demonstration of Vinyasa Flow Yoga! Not to be missed! Room 3.3 at 15.15 on 1 August. Namaste!   – Nama means bow, as means I, and te means you. Therefore, namaste literally means “bow me you” or “I bow to you.” “The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. –  

Solving Homelessness in Cape Town

In honour of Mandela Day on 18 July students from 2 Intermediate classes – Adele/Mark and Nicola/Tonia classes – dedicated 67 minutes and gave back to the community. Together they made lunch boxes – sandwiches, fruit and biscuits – and handed then out to destitute locals on the street. The next day the students, who were all touched by the experience, grouped up and came up with possible solutions for “homelessness” in Cape Town. The ideas where a combination of personal opinion and how the same issue is dealt with in their countries. Well done to all the students who took part!

IELTS 1 Day Workshop Feedback

South African candidates writing the general training or academic IELTS exam on 27  July for immigration purposes joined the IELTS 1 Day Workshop with trainer Ian who went over the modules covered in the IELTS exam: Here’s what some candidates had to say: “I think that the workshop helped me a lot to improve & to achieve my goal. Thanks for an excellent class!” “This has been a wonderful experience. It is definitely important to attend as it was very informative. Thank you so much Ian!” “The workshop today was a huge eye opener for me. I thought my English was fairly good having stayed in the UK for 3 years, but I realised I need more practice in most aspects of the language, especially using academic words and reading faster” “I think this workshop will benefit me a lot in my test next week. I have learned so much and all aspects of the language were covered. Thank you for providing this opportunity” “The workshop was very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone preparing for IELTS” The next 1 day workshop is on Saturday 24 August 2013 (Exam will take place on Thursday 29 August) Time: 09h00- 15h00 Cost: R750 If you would like to join this workshop please contact Claudia Mazuhelli on 021 422 4111 or email Limited space available!

Cambridge ESOL results available online!

Students who wrote the Cambridge ESOL South Africa FCE or CAE exams in June can now view their results online Checking your results online is easy, just go to the Online Results Service You will need your Candidate ID and Secret Number (provided in your Confirmation of Entry) to register. If you have lost your Confirmation of Entry, please contact Zubeida Harris at  EC Cape Town: The next Cambridge ESOL exams will take place in December 2013. The dates are: FCE – 7 December 2013 CAE – 4 December 2013 CPE – 5 December 2013 The entry closing date for these exams is 25 October 2013

A visit to the Barcelona Childcare Facility.

Students and teachers from EC Cape Town visited the Barcelona Childcare Facility. This facility is located in Gugulethu, which is a suburb outside Cape Town. The activity was part of EC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. These lovely ladies prepared the snacks. The students and EC Cape Town donated fruit, starch and sweets. Students, teachers and children. The little one on the right came all the way from Libya! A little bicycle was donated by Teacher Una. Chancy, an EC Cape Town student, was also served. Ashraf, from Libya, served the children. A warm jersey was donated by Centre Director Chris. Behind them is a flourishing vegetable garden.  

Student Testimonial: Flora from France

Flora took a 3 week General English course at EC Cape Town. Check out what she had to say about her time here: ” I am really happy to be going to EC CPT because the teachers are great, they arrive to work in a good mood, and they aren’t boring. (I had Mark and Milli, and I’m happy) The atmosphere of the school is exceptional, and if my school was like that I go there down by running all morning! At EC CPT I could meet people from all of the world, and I love that. I spent some great time with the people I met and the staff is sweet. They have a lot of lovely people in EC CPT. Maybe, I will come back next year!” – Flora D, France

Mandela Day 2013

Last Thursday 18 July marked Mandela’s 95th birthday and the fourth Mandela Day. Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for social justice and human rights and the Mandela Day campaign invites everyone to give 67 minutes of their time on 18 July to give back. This could be through volunteering with a charity, or helping in the local community – no matter how small the action, the aim is to change the world for the better! This year EC Cape Town staff went to St Georges Cathedral where we prepared and served food to homeless men and women. Students also participated in the true spirit of being in South Africa at this historical time by preparing lunch packs, which included sandwiches, a juice and a fruit, which they distributed around the city. Afterwards, some students also went to the historical St Georges Cathedral where a ‘Wall of Honour’ was put up as a special pledge to Madiba and his embodiment of reconciliation. Students could up birthday messages & get well wishes Thank you to everyone that participated in Mandela Day!

Write Right – Free Writing Class

EC Cape Town holds a FREE Writing Class every Tuesday from 13.00 – 14.00 in room 5.10. All students are welcome BUT please note that each week will be dedicated to specific levels. Schedule for July below: 6 July – Beginner, Elementary, Pre Intermediate and Low Intermediate levels Letter writing – email format Apologising / Thanking letters 23 July – Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels. Writing a report with a specific focus on giving advice. 29 July – Beginner, Elementary, Pre Intermediate and Low Intermediate levels Story writing – narrative tenses.