A visit to the Barcelona Childcare Facility.

EC students, teachers and children from Barcelona

Students and teachers from EC Cape Town visited the Barcelona Childcare Facility. This facility is located in Gugulethu, which is a suburb outside Cape Town. The activity was part of EC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

These lovely ladis prepared the food

These lovely ladies prepared the snacks. The students and EC Cape Town donated fruit, starch and sweets.

Barcelona in Gugulethu

Students, teachers and children. The little one on the right came all the way from Libya!

a new bicycle

A little bicycle was donated by Teacher Una.

Chancy is also getting served

Chancy, an EC Cape Town student, was also served.

Ashraf serving the children

Ashraf, from Libya, served the children.

A warm jersey was donated by Centre Director Chris. Behind them is a flourishing vegetable garden.

A warm jersey on a chilly day