Living In English Class: Raising Awareness

Today students in Jeffrey’s Pre-Intermediate/ Living in English class worked on raising awareness of diseases that affect people around the world and particular South Africa i.e. breast cancer, skin cancer & AIDS. They created pamphlets in which they highlighted the causes and effects of the dis … Read more

Don’t forget your Study Plan…

Study Plans are detailed, guided programmes which are tailored to suit a students individual needs. They are issued by the Dos, Nicoletta or Ados, Ian C, should they feel that a student needs more help in a particular skill/s. They can be given a study plan after sitting a Mid Level test, which aids … Read more

NEW FREE Lesson – Listen Up!

Yesterday Linda kicked off a brand new FREE lesson – Listen Up. Listen Up focuses on a variety of issues surrounding this important skill. It will be held every Tuesday from 15.05 – 15.50 and there is a schedule on the academic noticeboard and in the lift which details what will be done … Read more

Comparative Cultures class: Getting to Know You

Students in Marks ‘Comparative Cultures’ class had a ‘Get to know you Session’ where they were asked to write 3 important dates on the whiteboard. The lesson aim was to revise ‘question forms’. The rest of the students were then asked to guess what these dates were e.g. Did you get … Read more

Creating Crime Fiction

Last week the Intermediate 1 class had to create a story about a criminal named Finch. They invented their own details to a famous burglary that took place in Brazil. It was spoken by Mohammed, written by Cibele and corrected by Murat.  This is the story of how Finch got away: He was very smart and … Read more

Students received FREE supplementary study material!

The Beginner and Elementary students were all treated to complimentary supplementary study materials today!! In an effort to help our student become global citizens, we like to expose them to as many varieties of English as possible. Among the many benefits, it  helps to build confidence with compre … Read more

Grocery Shopping with the Elementary class

Students from the Elementary class had to use the target vocabulary learned in class in a real-life situation in the form of grocery shopping in a supermarket. They had to look for specific products, compare prices and ask the shop assistants using functional language covered in class. We had loads … Read more

Pronunciation Schedule – August

EC Cape Town offers free academic activities and services to all students. During these activities students are able to enhance their English skills by interacting with teachers and students at all levels one on one and in group settings. Among the free activities is our weekly Pronunciation Worksho … Read more

Sharing Recipes From Home!

Students in Nicoletta’s Intermediate class had to share their favourite recipe from back home. The task was not only to use linking sentences but also to promote cultural diversity in the classroom. Check out some recipes below: Cheese Fondue by Daniel- Switzerland 2 Garlic Cloves, cut in half … Read more