Living with a Host Family: Experiencing Ramadan

EC student Anne from France tells us about her first day in Cape Town living with a host family, while they observe Ramadan:

“My first night in Cape Town was very fantastic. After twelve hours of travelling from Paris, I could tell you when I arrived my feeling was upside down. I felt tired.

When the car stopped in front of the house I was completely amazed – it’s so nice house! I love the windows & I try to imagine the view, a Cape Town view. It was incredible the whole house is in the windows and like a loft.

My host family was so nice. It was a special night for them. First because my family is Muslim and it is Ramadan and this night was the husbands birthday too. All family was there- grandmothers, sisters, friends, sons and daughters. The mother is called Moseda. She is so kind that I felt very happy.

Moseda prepared with her mother and sister a typical Ramadan dinner. We ate plenty of food! We started with soup and entrees, following with the main meal…& they never stop! The dinner continues all night! I went to my bed with lovely souvenirs from my first day.”