Comparative Cultures class: Getting to Know You

Students in Marks ‘Comparative Cultures’ class had a ‘Get to know you Session’ where they were asked to write 3 important dates on the whiteboard. The lesson aim was to revise ‘question forms’. The rest of the students were then asked to guess what these dates were e.g. Did you get married? – Were you born? – Did you start high school/university? – Did you get your first car? – Did you meet your first girlfriend? The students had to then answer the question with either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
This would make the task more difficult as the students asking the questions would also have to remember what was asked! The task was also great for students to learn more about their class

To liven things up, Nana (Japan) told the class why her dates were important in English and Japanese (Click on video clip below)