NEW FREE Lesson – Listen Up!

Yesterday Linda kicked off a brand new FREE lesson – Listen Up.

Listen Up focuses on a variety of issues surrounding this important skill. It will be held every Tuesday from 15.05 – 15.50 and there is a schedule on the academic noticeboard and in the lift which details what will be done in every lesson.

These are a few:

How to listen and defining listening skills.

Understanding and appreciating Global English and the challenges with understanding non-native speakers.

Different types of listening IE: critical, appreciative, reflective, informative…

Listening and Communication

The process of listening.

Models of listening situations and how to navigate them

Some student comments from the 1st lesson:

” I understand more about what listening is”

” I am very happy because now I am not too shy about not always understanding”

“Wow, I must work hard”

“It was very nice and fun. I learned alot”

We look forward to seeing you at the next lesson:)

NicolettaListen Up