Pizza with Una’s Beginner Class


by Sheetal Makhan / AYC

As part of their lesson, teacher Una’s Beginner class decided to extend their class…to Roman’s Pizza in Long Street. Leading up to their outing, students had been learning about how to order food as well as structures like “Can I [please] have..?” / “Do you have..?” / “Yes, there is.” / “No, there isn’t.”  Apart from language learning, Una says that students were not only able to learn about responsibility and accountability, but to have fun! Students also had the opportunity to practice peer-correction. Students are already looking forward to their next outing. What better way to learn language than in a real-life context?

Some student comments:

It was a wonderful day I enjoy my time with my friends.”

Yesterday i and my classmate went eat pizza at Roman’s. I enjoy my pizza. I eated 5 slices of my favorite flavor: regina and drinked one pepsi. I spended 40 rands, i think is a good price.I had a good time!”

I went with my classmate and Teacher Una. We ate a delicious pizza! We had a good time!”

This was a piece written by Hana Al Barbar:|

Yesterday was a beautiful and sunny day. All my classmates went to Roman’s Pizza and all bought and ate pizza’s. I took a chicken and cheese pizza. It was a small pizza, but it was very good. I drank a Coke and we talked together. All my friends were very happy.”