My First Week At EC!

Romina began her 8 week General English course last week Monday 14 October and recounts her first week at EC Cape Town: “Unfortunately I only stayed in this class for one week. Last Tuesday was my first day but I didn’t get nervous because my classmates welcomed me like one of them. Although I was … Read more

“Eid” from Taiwanese eyes

Yesterday, I shared Murat Koç’s piece, A Taiwanese guy…from a Muslim eye where he wrote about his friend, Yank Lai from Taiwan. Murat was touched by his friend’s gesture of taking time off school to celebrate this auspicious day with his Muslim friends. Today, I present Yank’s story! Also an AY student, he has proven to be … Read more

Devils Peak Hike with Mark

Last Saturday 19 October students joined me for a hike up Devils Peak. The turnout for the Devil’s Peak hike was better than expected, seeing as it was arranged for a Sat morning… usually a ‘post party/recovery’ day. We made our way to the start of the trail, courtesy of 2 taxis and embarked on … Read more

A Taiwanese guy…from a Muslim eye

At EC Cape Town, we encourage our students that the bulk of their English learning will actually happen outside the classroom. While teachers merely provide the “tools” to students, it is ultimately up to them to use it correctly. Traveling to a foreign country to study English comes with unlimited possibilities and opportunities. Choosing to … Read more

EC Staff join The Colour Run

On Saturday, 19 October a few of EC Cape Town staff members took part in The Colour Run (AKA “The Happiest 5k in the Planet“). Our team, aptly named “Orange All Stars” brought their best game to Sea Point Promenade bright and early and off we went. 5km went by like a breeze, but one … Read more

Slave Lodge

Students in Chimonay’s Pre- Intermediate visited the Slave Lodge, which was built in 1679 by the Dutch East India Company, and housed thousands of slaves between 1679 and 1811. Students learned about the long history of slavery in South Africa as well as viewing fascinating historical displays on the Cape on exhibition This is what some students had to say … Read more

The Differences Between Luanda and Cape Town

Surely they are different cities, in terms of name, and hour, and languages and traditions and cultures. But both of them are cosmopolitan cities. So you will find more than 5 different cultures. The streets in Cape Town are bigger than in Luanda, it might be because Cape Town is also bigger than the Luanda. … Read more

Great Inventions To Make Life Better!

Students in Linda’s Intermediate class had to think of daily tasks and create an invention to make life easier or better Mohammed from Iran came up with a product called ‘Genius Gen’ which promises, after one injection, to make your memory better so that you can study effectively and also remember numbers- the latest in … Read more