Mzolis Township Experience

On Sunday 22 September quite a big group of EC students went to Mzolis – a very cool braai (barbeque) place in a township called Gugulethu. When everybody arrived around 12 o’clock it was still quiet on the streets as well as inside Mzoli’s. The weather was fantastic, the sky was crystal clear and temperature was perfect to have a great braai day!

When the students tried to walk in a guy at the gate stopped them and said you first need to buy your meat at Mzoli’s butcher next door. The meat was surprisingly cheap; for ZAR70 you get a descent plate with good meat. Afterwards you bring the meat to the back where they braai it for you and tell you a time when you can come back to collect it. Apparently the language barrier wasn’t a problem because everybody ordered their own food.

When we went into Mzoli’s there was really nice loud afro/house music and a lot of people were dancing and drinking. After a while some people got their food and started eating. It looked and tasted delicious especially the chicken and lamb, which were outstanding.

Some student comments:

“What a lovely day with lovely food.”

“My Sunday couldn’t be any better! Good music, good food and good weather what do you want more?”

“This was a nice opportunity to get to know more students of EC Cape Town, I made lots of friends!”

“After most were done eating they moved to the dance floor to dance and enjoy the music. Before we know it was 4 o’clock and time to go. It was fully packed in Mzoli’s but even busier on the streets. It was unbelievable but very nice to see such a big crowd having a nice time.”

– Marvin, EC Cape Town Intern