My First Week At EC!

Romina began her 8 week General English course last week Monday 14 October and recounts her first week at EC Cape Town:

“Unfortunately I only stayed in this class for one week. Last Tuesday was my first day but I didn’t get nervous because my classmates welcomed me like one of them.
Although I was new I was part of the class. Immediately they integrated me.
Last Friday my classmates had the pleasure of receiving their results of a test they wrote. Everyone passed and would go one level higher next week. Congratulations for them! Well done!

Because I just arrived last week, I didn’t have to write the test. That’s the reason why I have to stay in this level and can’t move on like the rest of my class. For that, I’m a little bit sad because we were such a good class. Why were we?
The class was always like a team who held each other together and tried to help each other in every situation. Because of that nobody had to be shy and could be herself/himself. If you had a question you could ask someone all the time.

By the way I was very glad to be the only Swiss in the class. So I didn’t have the opportunity to speak German or Rätoromanish. That’s also one of the reasons Why I could improve my English just after one week.
Another reason is of course the friendly and funny teachers that we had. They taught us so well that the lessons were interesting all the time. Because of thus, I liked to go to school and I was always listening to them during the lesson.

All these things, especially the teamwork helped me to learn a lot. Usually I have to feel good if I want to reach or practice something. And this succeeded in this class definitely. I really hope I can follow this class as soon as possible because everything was perfect. I’m going to miss this great moments and warm atmosphere.

My first week at the EC School has been amazing. That’s why I’m looking forward to the next seven weeks.
Thank you to everybody!”

Romina, Switzerland