Brilliant Book Review

A few weeks ago, Denise Roth delivered a brilliant presentation to her classmates about a book she had read:  “The Virgin Suicides” by Jeffrey Eugenides. Apart from the curious title, the class was given just enough information to appeal to their interest and in the end, had many questions about this captivating story. Denise has … Read more

Good Luck to our Cambridge Students!

We would like to wish all students doing the Cambridge ESOL South Africa exams next week at EC Cape Town all of the best – we know you will do exceptionally well! Just remember that hard work pays off in the end, so give it your all and nothing less!! Preparation is the key to success, … Read more

Creating Cocktails!

High Intermediate students in Linda’s class had to create cocktails of their choice  and Vitor Ramires chose to include names of  various rock bands to create his own special cocktail called “Rock and Cocktail” “Rock and Cocktail” by V Ramires I have blended everything powerfully a bit of scorpions and eagles several gorillaz, arctic monkeys … Read more

Testimonial: Homestay Accommodation

Staying with a real English-speaking family is a great way for students to practice their English and to learn about the local culture. At EC Cape Town our Accommodation Coordinator, Rifqah Brenner, regularly recruits new host families in South Africa & visits current host families to ensure suitability & that EC’s standards are met. Check out this testimonial from … Read more

From the Book Nook

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC When I see a student reading (merely for pleasure) I swear, my heart does the waltz! This is what happened last week when I found Isam sitting in the library before school reading. It wasn’t for homework, but for his own pleasure. As many of you know, I am on a reading … Read more

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC As a self-confessed bookworm myself, I almost felt my heart burst recently when a student told me, “Teacher, I don’t see the benefit of reading.” Gasp! Shock! Horror! I immediately knew that damage control was in order. Also, judging from recent tests that our students have written, lack of reading … Read more