Testimonial of Najib Al- Labani

Najib started his EC experience on 17 March 2014, even though his stay with us was not for long, his experiences speaks volumes. Here is what Najib had to say:    – Najib Al-Labani, Yemeni “My best memories of EC Cape Town must be my time spent in my class. I enjoyed the work and … Read more

IELTS General Information

   IELTS or ‘International English Language Testing System’ is one of the world’s leading tests of English for higher education, immigration and employment. The IELTS examinations are well under way in its Fifth month for the year 2014. Candidates are currently preparing for the 17 May 2014 examination, we at EC Cape Town would like … Read more

IELTS vs General English

Many students come to ask the Academic Department about the IELTS class and how it’s different to the General English classes. With the help of Nadine Coletta from Germany, our ADOS explains the differences: Our IELTS course is designed to prepare the students to write the IELTS exam. It is very different to the general … Read more

Visa Extensions

For students who decide to extend their stay with us at EC Cape Town, it is likely that you will need a visa extension. Who better to ask than our resident visa expert, Zubeida who can be found on the first floor. From Zubeida Harris / Registrar What is a Visa Extension? When to extend? … Read more


English for Life Served with a Steaming Cup of Coffee Using “used to” We use “used to” to speak about things we did in the past, but don’t do anymore and also to describe states that are no longer true. I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day. She used to enjoy swimming in the … Read more

Watcha Up To..? Rafaela Ribeiro

What happens to our students once they’ve left our doors for the last time and fly off into the horizon? Many of our students have gone on to do some pretty interesting things with their lives, and studying English as well as the overall experience of living in a foreign country, has a great deal … Read more

Abdul – Our Boxing Champion!

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC For someone who initially thought that boxing “was a little bit weird”, it may come as a surprise that 22yr old Abdulwahed “Abdul” Abdalah recently won his first boxing match! The Business Management student from Libya is currently completing his English course at at EC Cape Town. He’s been in … Read more