EC English Student Mohammad Bin Saleh Alsawat’s Testimonial.

Here at EC Cape Town we have a wide variety of cultures and personalities. Each week we welcome more members into our ever growing family, and we make sure to welcome each of them with wide open arms. We treat all students equally and we go to far lengths to make sure that each student is happy and satisfied through out the duration of their stay.


Below we have our very own, Mohammad Saleh Bin Alsawat, better known as “Mimo”, he joined EC in January 2014, and is currently on a 20 week Academic English course.

EC Cape Town Student Mohammad Bin Saleh Alsawat
EC Cape Town student Mohammad Bin Saleh Alsawat (“Mimo”).

“If you are thinking about improving you English skills, the best place you can chose is Cape Town EC School.
First of all, there you can get 2 things:
– You will improve you English.
– You will have fun with a lot of activities, nice and friendly people even with the teacher or people from the staff.
During the lesson but also before and after, the teacher pays always attention to you. If you have a question, they will help you and try to find the best solutions for you can understand what they talking about.
About the ambiance or the staff, they are like a big family, if you have a problem or whatever they always have a good hear to listen to you. They can be funny and joking also, of course .
What you can also doing after the school are activities or visit. They have a lot of different type of things to do like…

– Meet new people in a multicultural city and culture.
– AMAZING LANDSCAPE (from table mountain, lion’s head and signal hill)
– Wildlife, going to the best safari from all over the world.
– Waves, surfing in the best beaches from you have a look of the amazing landscape.
– Sport, let’s watch soccer, rugby, cricket or others sport in the stadium.

And more that you expect…
You should join our project for children in Township also. You can see the others side of Cape Town and help people.
Let me quote one of my friend Stella has written about it: “Living in Cape Town is like putting a lot of different spices in a plate. Sometimes, that works and you have an amazing meal. Sometimes, that is disgusting and you can not eat it.

We can not change the world but we can do our best to make it better. ”

I promise you, you will enjoy your time at Cape Town EC school!




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