EC Cape Town Students experience Cape Town Spices

Teacher Kate took her Low Intermediate class to two well-known shops in Cape Town as a class excursion, here is what happened: “In our low intermediate class we visited Atlas Trading, a spice shop in BoKaap and Anthony’s Golden cup, a coffee shop on Loop Street. Both experiences were ext … Read more

EC Cape Town: World Cup Update 2014

The Fifa World Cup has had the whole world sitting at the edges of their seats, with nail biting drama to brilliant wins we simply had no choice but to give a follow up on the fixtures of the latest match! Netherlands vs Mexico, what an excellent game played, and even more so if you are a Netherland … Read more

5 Fantastic Activities while studying English at EC Cape Town

South Africa is a majestic place with beautiful landscapes, amazing views, varieties of animals that to most are only seen on television or even in magazines. What an amazing place to experience the glories of a South African sunset and the only place to see the famous Mountain shaped like a Table. … Read more

6 reasons Why EC Cape Town Is The Most Beautiful City To Learn English

Cape Town South Africa, the point of Southern Africa where the two oceans meet! Beautiful, Historic and Powerful legacy, are just a few of the strong words used to describe this beautiful City also known as the Mother City. Although when looked at on a map its a mere dot, but stepping into this City … Read more

Fun learning English at EC Cape Town

Teacher Adele’s High intermediate class had some fun learning English over coffee and Hot chocolate. We at EC Cape Town, South Africa’s English school, know how icy the Cape Town Winter days can get, so we always go the extra mile to ensure that our students are comfy and warm at all tim … Read more

IELTS at EC English Cape Town for June 2014

Our IELTS exam for the month of June 2014 will be taking place on this coming Saturday at EC Cape Town, an authorized testing center for the IELTS exam. With candidates preparing themselves and doing last minute studying, we at EC Cape Town would like to wish all of our EC students that will be part … Read more