EC English Celebrates the Month of Ramadan

We at EC Cape Town, South Africa English School, would like to wish all students and staff celebrating the month of Ramadan a blessed and prosperous month ahead. Below is a short interpretation of the definition of Ramadan:   Ramadan is celebrated by the Muslim tradition, whereby Muslims spend a month in fast, the annual observance is most regarded as the Five Pillars of Islam. Throughout this very important and holy month, Muslims refrain from many among these are consuming food, drinking liquids, smoking and engaging in disagreements. Food and drinks are served daily this happens before sunrise and after sunset. According to Islam the Thawab (rewards) of fasting are plenty but throughout this month they are all being multiplied.   “May this Ramadan be as bright as ever and bring joy, health and wealth to you and your loved ones lives. May this Ramadan bring in you happiness and love you have ever wished for and the utmost in peace and prosperity. May light triumph over darkness and peace transcend the earth and the spirit of light illuminate the world. May the light that we celebrate at Ramadan show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony AMEEN” – Zubeida Harris- Registrar at EC Cape Town   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS Living with a Host Family: Experiencing Ramadan Guided Homework Class Testimonials

EC Cape Town Students experience Cape Town Spices

Teacher Kate took her Low Intermediate class to two well-known shops in Cape Town as a class excursion, here is what happened: “In our low intermediate class we visited Atlas Trading, a spice shop in BoKaap and Anthony’s Golden cup, a coffee shop on Loop Street. Both experiences were extremely aromatic. For the first part of the lesson the students were given a recipe for ‘Boeber‘, a traditional warm milk drink. They had to find the different ingredients in the shop, asking for assistance if needed. The manager gave the students some information about the shop and let them taste and smell different spices.” “For the second part of the lesson we walked down to Anthony’s Golden cup on Loop street. Anthony spoke to the students about his life and about his shop. The students had to listen carefully and take notes because as a follow up activity they would need to write a biography about Anthony. Lastly we ordered coffees and enjoyed winding down in a very cosy environment, after a lot of information.” “We had a wonderful afternoon class. We went to the spice shop and learnt about Indian spices and met a special man, Anthony and his famous coffee shop, I Loved it!!”- Izabel Silva from Mozambique Our students are not limited when studying at EC Cape Town, we try our best to show them all aspects of English as well as how to form full conversations with the people of Cape Town!   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Free Activities at EC Cape Town “Mystery Restaurant” Class Outing

EC Cape Town: World Cup Update 2014

The Fifa World Cup has had the whole world sitting at the edges of their seats, with nail biting drama to brilliant wins we simply had no choice but to give a follow up on the fixtures of the latest match! Netherlands vs Mexico, what an excellent game played, and even more so if you are a Netherlands supporter! A beautiful 2-1 win, and a game well played, students from the Netherlands can walk proudly down the streets of Cape Town as their team did them proud!! We are very excited to see what the next match has in store for us with France taking on Nigeria, South African time for game will be at 18h00pm, with Germany vs Algeria at 22h00pm South African time. The Fifa 2014 World Cup has kicked off on the 12 June 2014, with an excellent opening ceremony, although a few technical problems with regards to sound, everything else was spectacular. So far we have seen great matches, lots of disappointments but even more joyful cheers. Brazil has been host to the Fifa World Cup for an astounding two times, the first being in 1950! 64 matches have been set for the 2014 World cup in and around Brazil with the final match being on the 13 July 2014! Stay glued to your seats, and don’t take it too hard if your team looses, keep the spirit alive and simply support another team! We encourage ALL students to tell us about their Fifa world cup experience thus far, or even better why not show us? Simply have a look at our Facebook page, we are running an awesome competition, so upload your pictures and stories of where you’ve been or where you will be when the next match kicks off!! __________________________________ Remember to follow us … Read more

5 Fantastic Activities while studying English at EC Cape Town

South Africa is a majestic place with beautiful landscapes, amazing views, varieties of animals that to most are only seen on television or even in magazines. What an amazing place to experience the glories of a South African sunset and the only place to see the famous Mountain shaped like a Table. Here at EC Cape Town, South Africa’s school of English, we are proud of the exceptionally beautiful City we live in and we love showing it off to our extended family (our students). We love to show our students what we call home, and in that same breath we love it even more when students go back to their beautiful countries and show off the beauties of the Mother City, Cape Town. I have compiled a list of 5 Fantastic activities to do while studying at EC Cape Town, these are a list of total “must-do’s” all because it is super cool, and Proudly South African, take a look: 1. EC Cape Town Free Activity: City Walk                   -EC Cape Town offers quite a few exciting opportunities  for our students and the Free City Walk is one of them. Our City walk takes place every Tuesday after class hours, a teacher takes students that are interested in knowing all of Cape Town’s good coffee shops, restaurants and shops, also showing students our beautiful Mother City . This is an outdoor activity whereby students walk in and around Cape Town and with this unfortunately we need to ensure that the ever changing Cape Town weather is good enough, so therefore this means that if we are experiencing bad weather the City Walk will then be postponed to the next week and Tuesday. So why not join in on this exciting free … Read more

6 reasons Why EC Cape Town Is The Most Beautiful City To Learn English

Cape Town South Africa, the point of Southern Africa where the two oceans meet! Beautiful, Historic and Powerful legacy, are just a few of the strong words used to describe this beautiful City also known as the Mother City. Although when looked at on a map its a mere dot, but stepping into this City will soon have you realize that it is so  much more than just a figment of your imagination. Cape Town has so much to see and offer and among these are the opportunity to  attend  the best English Language school in South Africa!! Here are SIX reasons Why Cape Town is the most beautiful city to learn English: 1. Location – EC Cape Town is perfectly located, nestled between the view of the magnificent Table Mountain and the Famous Waterfront, the views are spectacular and gives students the “push”to learn more about our beautiful country. Our classes are also intimate and teachers love taking students to see historic sights in Cape Town, a total must experience!! 2. Activities – Here at EC Cape Town we have a weekly guide of activities, ensuring that students get to see and experience everything that Cape Town has to offer. We offer exclusive activities from Sunsets on Table Mountain to a Wildlife experience on awesome Safari trips. It is so easy to join in on the fun, simply speak to our Activities coordinator and the rest is “history”. 3. Mini Markets and Interesting Stores – As mentioned above our teachers love including Cape Town’s historical point of view into their lessons, and what better way of doing this than taking their classes on a field trip, showing them a few of our stalls and shops along the way. With beautiful and unique items, Green Market Square is best known for … Read more

EC Cape Town Celebrates the Fifa World Cup!!

As the Fifa World cup opening ceremony has come and gone, we have seen a number of  nail biting matches, had victories and disappointments but still in the hopes that the over all champion to be their team. EC Cape Town students are celebrating and joining in to make the atmosphere exciting and fun, even though they are far from home, they still have first class seats to all of the latest happenings with regards to the matches and games happening in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Share your #ecexperience with us and let us know where you watched your favorite team play!! Also stay tuned to our Facebook page and stand  the chance to win amazing prizes all proud compliments of EC! __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS World Cup 2010 Learn English at the World Cup

EC English Language Students celebrate Classmate’s 21st Birthday

EC Cape Town students develops bonds with their fellow classmates, they become like family and call EC their home away from home. Thursday 12 June 2014, Students from teacher Chimonay’ s Elementary 4 class, celebrate their fellow classmate’s 21st birthday!! A mile stone we like to regard as ‘stepping into the world of adulthood!’  A very happy Birthday to you!! Don’t forget to share your #ecexperience with us on our Facebook page, we would love to see all of your fun memories you have gathered thus far!! __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS EC Elementary English Students write Love Letters English Language Students of EC Cape Town

Fun learning English at EC Cape Town

Teacher Adele’s High intermediate class had some fun learning English over coffee and Hot chocolate. We at EC Cape Town, South Africa’s English school, know how icy the Cape Town Winter days can get, so we always go the extra mile to ensure that our students are comfy and warm at all times, to keep the mind open and be able to take in as much as our students possibly can. We strive for success and we strive to see each of our students excel in what they do. We consider each student a new member of our ever growing family and we appreciate their efforts to get good grades. We offer an exclusive range of activities and Free classes to ensure that the students stay with us will be informative and memorable.   Do you know of a friend or family member that would like to learn English and experience the beauty of South Africa’s Cape Town all at once? Please feel free to tell them how awesome your experience has been and also  the wonders of EC Cape Town and the beauty of the Mother City- Cape Town. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS FREE ACTIVITIES WITH EC CAPE TOWN Share your #ECEXPERIENCE with our global community of EC English students

Farewell to our English Language Teacher Jeffrey!

EC Cape Town bids a sad farewell to one our teachers that has been with us for the past 5+ years, teacher Jeffrey Herwells has decided to broaden his horizons in Vietnam, Asia. The month of May  has never been quite as sad as it has been this year, saying goodbye and good luck to one of EC Cape Town’s most loved teachers was very hard for many staff members especially the teachers.  Having been friends with Jeffrey for many years, teacher Adele mentioned that amongst many he was an excellent teacher and very good friend that always had great advice for the teachers and most importantly his students.   -Jeffrey taught Cambridge CAE at EC Cape Town.  EC Cape Town – teachers, students and staff, would like to wish him only the very best and we hope to hear from him again soon. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Celebrating EC Cape Town Teachers! World Teachers Day

IELTS at EC English Cape Town for June 2014

Our IELTS exam for the month of June 2014 will be taking place on this coming Saturday at EC Cape Town, an authorized testing center for the IELTS exam. With candidates preparing themselves and doing last minute studying, we at EC Cape Town would like to wish all of our EC students that will be part taking in this very important exam a heartfelt good luck and all of the best, we know you are going to do exceptionally well. IELTS or ‘International English Language Testing System’ is one of the world’s leading tests of English for higher education, immigration and employment. The exam is divided into two sections, namely: General Training: For Immigration purposes. Academic Training: For University application purposes. When registering for this exam please make sure that you as the candidate are already aware of which exam you wish to take. EC Cape Town is not only a Testing Centre for IELTS examinations; we also offer exclusive IELTS preparation courses that will improve your chances of getting the scores you require. Prepare for and write the IELTS exam at EC Cape Town-  The remaining IELTS test dates for 2014 are: 19 July 2014 16 August 2014 20 September 2014 18 October 2014 22 November 2014 06 December 2014 * All the exam dates are for the General Training and Academic exam. Exams dates are fixed and are not subjected to change! For more information and to book the exam contact Rifqah Brenner on 021 422 4111; email or apply online at __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS IELTS Exam Preparation Good Luck to our IELTS students!