Feedback from EC Cape Town Intern: Vera Soons

Our interns have always been very hardworking and highly motivated, we love getting feedback from them and we equally love sharing their #ecexperiences! The interns develop a great bond with students and staff, especially with students as they always joining them on fun activities and assisting them with just about everything that is EC related. Below is one of our Dutch interns that recently completed her internship, she tells us about her time at EC and in Cape Town, enjoy:

Intern Vera Soons
Intern Vera Soons

“I miss Cape Town a lot and I miss EC a lot.. I had such a great time with you! Thanks for that, thanks for everything!!
After I had my last day at EC my mom visited me. We went to Cape Agulhas, did a bit of the Garden Route (yes, I did the bungee jumping and it was AMAZING!) after we came back to Cape Town I showed her around, Table Mountain, EC of course. And Chris as you recommended I showed my mom the beach of Camps Bay. I still had to thank you for that, she thought it was a beautiful place. When my mom left I went to Afrika Burn!! Ian, you have been there as well right? It was sooo cool! By far one of the best things I ever did in my life. The things I saw there were things I had never seen before. The people, just being themselves great. I would recommend it to everybody!
After Afrika Burn I had to leave South Africa again. I don’t know if I told you but I planned to surprise my mom when I got back home. Here is the story. Before I came to South Africa I booked my flight to get back again in the Netherlands on the 3rd of May, my moms birthday. But when I was in South Africa I could get tickets for Afrika Burn, which I bought. The dates of Afrika Burn were from the 18th of April till the 5th of May. Which meant that I had to extend my flight. I wanted to do this, so I talked to my parents about it and they allowed me to extend my flight. So I called the company I was flying with to ask what the costs would be to extend my flight. It was soooo much that I decided not to extend it and to leave Afrika Burn earlier. I told my brother about it and while talking about it we came with the great idea to not tell my parents and just walk in and surprise them. So that is what I did on the 3rd of May 🙂 

Two days after I got back home I had to go to school again. So that is what I am doing now.. Quite busy with my study. At first it was really hard to concentrate on school, I just wanted one thing and that was to get back to Cape Town ASAP. But now I’m okay again with being back. although life is better in Cape Town.”- Vera Soons, Intern at EC Cape Town


During Vera’s stay at EC Cape Town, she assisted with organizing the activities among many. She was a hard working young lady that got along with staff and students. We are truly appreciative of all of Vera’s efforts and we hope she excels in her future endeavors.

EC Cape Town, the only South African based English school under the EC flag, hosts many students that comes to study English, as well as see the beauty of South Africa.

We have lots of fun activities for our students and we try to accommodate each students requests, whether it is to see the famous Table Mountain, or to simply experience the South African Townships, we do our very best to ensure that before their English course ends that their wishes are made real. Memories are a very important factor, especially when travelling abroad and meeting new people, our aim is to have our students look back and only have fond memories of their stay here at EC Cape Town.

As a student enrolled on one of EC’s academic English programs, you get the opportunity to join your fellow students to attend many exciting events, activities as well as safari tours all around Cape Town and South Africa.



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