My mother. My blood. My life…

Sheetal Makhan (AYC) In one of my classes recently, we spoke about patriotism and what it really means. What does it mean to be patriotic? [patriotic means to express deep devotion/love for one’s country] Well, this morning, I had a surprise when one of my AY students, Otman Eltalis appeared at my office door. I … Read more

”Piece of Cake” lesson at EC Cape Town- 09 September

“What do cake and reading have in common?”, is the heading for the exciting free lesson with our very own Director of Studies Nicoletta. An insightful, fun and informative lesson for 9 September at 08.00 am in the Library. Should you wish to join, please feel free to book at Reception with Chimonay or Danushca, … Read more

IELTS August 2014

IELTS for the month of August 2014 has come and gone with a fairly large group of 50+ candidates for the day, speaking exams were scheduled to the Friday, 15 August 2014. We had a few nervous faces sign in, but overall majority of the group of candidates seemed to be well relaxed and ready … Read more