English Language students visit Cape Town Museum!

EC Cape Town students joined their teacher to an exciting and informative trip to the Cape Town Museum. With lots of interesting and inspiring stories behind every corner, the students had quite a lot of positive things to say about South Africa, as well as Cape Town’s heritage and all the cool artifacts that they saw at the Museum. This was not only an educational trip but also a memorable one as students got the opportunity to take lots of pictures of their favorite artifacts and show family members and friend in their home countries. Below are a few pictures of their day well spent: Students taking a look at the stuffed animals, amazed to see how majestic the African animals are in reality. This is an excellent way to broaden students horizons on just how much beauty South Africa has to offer, in all shapes and sizes. Is it not a beautiful sight to see students from near and far stand together for one picture? The amazing thing about EC is that we are the point where people from all over the world comes together and becomes friends! When students go back to their home countries, they have a list of friends from places that they only heard of and also gain knowledge of their cultures and countries. A fun picture of students inside the mouth of a shark. I am quite sure these students are going to go back home and have this photograph as one the highlights of their trip to Cape Town, memories are made for the keeping and this picture is a definite keeper. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Iziko Museum with Gameema AY Excursion to the Heart Museum

My mother. My blood. My life…

Sheetal Makhan (AYC) In one of my classes recently, we spoke about patriotism and what it really means. What does it mean to be patriotic? [patriotic means to express deep devotion/love for one’s country] Well, this morning, I had a surprise when one of my AY students, Otman Eltalis appeared at my office door. I was surprised because he told me that he wasn’t coming to school today as he had to run some errands this morning. He said: “I just came to give you this,” as he handed me a sheet of paper. A piece of writing to mark? Sure! It was nothing out of the ordinary. Until I actually read it. The best way of knowing if something was written from the heart is if it gives the reader goosebumps. It did more than that for me. I could feel Otman’s emotions. With my extra writing sessions that I have with my students, I tell them that they only need to do one thing when they write: Make your words jump off the page and dance! I interviewed Otman on his very first day at EC Cape Town. He has grown in leaps and bounds, not just with his English, but as a person. I’m so proud of him! With his permission, I would like to share what he has written. by Otman Eltalis  My name: Libya My nationality: Libyan My phone number: Libya My biography: Libya I am a patient. I am a villager. I am a national. I am a soldier for protect my country. I am peaceful. I extend my appreciation to my country everyday. It is my mother, my blood, my life. I left because I was forced. I didn’t like homesick, but this is for you. I hope to accept my excuse. I can’t forget … Read more

Life Advice from Abdulgader Alsharif

Sheetal Makhan (AYC) As part of a writing activity recently, my students had to give advice for…life! As we know, life can be complicated at the best of times and and we often wish there was a handbook for us to refer to, right? Using the letters of the alphabet as prompts for each piece of advice, this is what my AY student, Abdulgader came up with. Enjoy…and take heed! Advise everyone to good ways or avoid people with dangerous ways. Be smiling everyday, for everyone. Continue what you started. Don’t give up! Deal with problems in a simple way. Easy life = huge success. Feel your own feelings, but don’t be selfish. Good friends guide you to a good life. Happiness will get a happy life and reach your achievement. I‘m possible = I’m pleased. Joke around with your friends close to you. Keep life easy. Love. Love. Love. Make fun for yourself and for others to enjoy. Nothing is impossible. Old people have quiet wisdom. Pride of your work leads to success. Quality is magnificent. Read before writing or speaking. Simple = happy = success. Don’t be silly! Try to always have an open heart. Use your brain for every moment. Visit your friends and family to live in peace. Wisdom is your leader. Xerox [copy] your good memories. Yield your negative thoughts. Zero is the beginning of your steps. —————————————— Abdulgader is an Academic Year English Course Student (AY20) student Academic Year English Course Student

Students studying English in Cape Town on Cape Point Tour

Our new intern Thomas Vervuurt joined some of  the Students Studying English at EC Cape Town on a Full Day Cape Point Tour this past Sunday 24 August. With beautiful clear skies and the sun coming out to play, pictures were crisp and perfect, students could see the whole of Cape Town from Cape Point, as well as see the famous two oceans meet. “Many students visited Cape Point Tour on 24 August. Besides Cape Point, places like Cape of Good Hope and Boulders Beach were visited. Everybody had a great day with some really good weather. Special thanks to Travel Outcomes for the awesome tour.”- Thomas Vervuurt If you would like to sign up on any of our activities here at EC Cape Town, please feel free to come to reception and choose what you would like to do. You could also take a whats on guide from the reception area and look through our wide range of exciting activities.   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Activities this week FREE ACTIVITIES WITH EC CAPE TOWN

EC Cape Town celebrates Pizza Day- 05 September

Who doesn’t love a warm, cheesy slice of pizza filled with your favorite toppings of olives, cherry tomatoes and some extra mozzarella cheese? Mouth watering isn’t it, well, here at EC Cape Town, South Africa’s best English Language school, we try and accommodate all of our students needs, whether its with regards to activities or even food! On September 05, we will be celebrating  Pizza day. Come and check out what we we have on the menu for that day, Pictures to follow:   Join in on the fun by posting a picture on our EC Facebook page, of you eating your favorite pizza with 2 sentences of why you simply cannot get enough of pizza and stand the chance to be named EC Cape Town’s Facebook Pizza King or Queen of the week! More details to follow, for now though stay tuned to the  EC Cape Town blog and Facebook page.   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Fun learning English at EC Cape Town FREE Pronunciation Today for Intermediate to Advanced Students!  

“You taught me more than English”

by Sheetal Makhan (AYC) Hailed by Time Magazine (Europe) as one of the “10 Best Movies of the Year 2005” from around the globe, Black is an Indian drama film about a blind and deaf girl, Michelle McNally. A prisoner of darkness, which is the only world she knows, Michelle grows up to be a violent and uncontrollable eight-year-old child. As the saying goes, “There is always light at the end of the tunnel” and for Michelle, it was in the form of an eccentric teacher, Debraj Sahai who sees himself more as a magician. Michelle’s parents don’t approve of Debraj’s unconventional teaching methods, yet…he persists. Slowly, he teaches her words and their meaning through sign language. When everyone was about to give up on Michelle and send her to a mental asylum, it was her teacher who saw that inner “something special”. Years later, Michelle becomes the first deaf-blind person to gain admission at a university to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. Little does she know, that her teacher starts to develop Alzheimer’s disease. After an uphill struggle to attain her BA, Michelle gives a speech to her graduating class. She tells them how for the past 12 years, her teacher would bring her to the graduation ceremony and tell her, “I want to see you there one day.” And while he may not be there there to witness her graduate, she tells her class that the reason she is not wearing a graduation robe is because her teacher should be the first to see her in it. At a mental asylum, Debraj has lost his memory and is even unable to speak. Ironically, after all the years that have passed, it is his student who becomes his teacher. The film is inspired by Helen Keller’s life and struggle and certainly evokes a lot of … Read more

Cambridge ESOL and IETLS Exams at EC Cape Town

Would you like to know more about the Cambridge or IELTS exam? Then this is definitely for you, please join Nicoletta for an updated and informative meeting regarding all that you need to know about these two International tests that takes place at EC Cape Town. Please see below for all the information as to when, where, time and class: Please sign up with either Nicoletta or Ian on the 5th floor Academic offices. We hope to see you all there!   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Cambridge Exams! IELTS vs General English

”Piece of Cake” lesson at EC Cape Town- 09 September

“What do cake and reading have in common?”, is the heading for the exciting free lesson with our very own Director of Studies Nicoletta. An insightful, fun and informative lesson for 9 September at 08.00 am in the Library. Should you wish to join, please feel free to book at Reception with Chimonay or Danushca, with a maximum number of 20 students only. So, what are you waiting for, be prepared get ready and set for a lesson to remember.     __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Free Grammar Class with Alice NEW FREE Lesson – Listen Up!

I can speak English! by Ahmed Abujarida

Sheetal Makhan (AYC) I have many students who do extra writing for me, over and above what they do in class. One such student is my Academic Year student, Ahmed Abujarida from Libya. He left this piece of writing for me to mark and I felt that it was really written from the heart and I had to share it with all to read. ——————————————- by Ahmed Abujarida (Libya) I am going to talk about how I learned English.When I came to Cape Town in April, I didn’t know how to speak English with people, but I started to learn English at EC School. Also, after three months, I started to speak English and learned a lot of things. For example: vocabulary, listening and grammar. I am really very happy at my school. I would advise everybody who wants to learn English just to speak English. If you’re Arabic speaking, speak English even with Arabic students!If someone speaks Arabic (or their native language) everyday, they will not learn English. Also, I would like to advise people to speak English in the streets – while shopping or anywhere. Then they will improve quickly. When I started studying at EC School, I started at Elementary level and then I moved to Pre-intermediate level after two months.You will be able to practice and do exercises everyday. Guys, I want you to always speak English at school and in class. I saw a lot of people speaking in their native language and not learning English. I learned this from my teacher, my friends from different countries and my host family.I couldn’t believe myself after three months. I can speak English! Guys, please! I want you to speak English as much as possible, because this is very good, worthwhile and important for you! ——————————————- Ahmed … Read more

IELTS August 2014

IELTS for the month of August 2014 has come and gone with a fairly large group of 50+ candidates for the day, speaking exams were scheduled to the Friday, 15 August 2014. We had a few nervous faces sign in, but overall majority of the group of candidates seemed to be well relaxed and ready for the test to begin. At the end of the day we had quite a few positive responses and this really helped as there were a few candidates that still had to do their speaking exam, thus the candidates which finished their exam could encourage the ones still waiting to finish off with their speaking. Below is some general information regarding the IELTS exam and also the next available dates for the test:   IELTS or ‘International English Language Testing System’ is one of the world’s leading tests of English for higher education, immigration and employment. The exam is divided into two sections, namely: General Training: For Immigration purposes. Academic Training: For University application purposes. When registering for this exam please make sure that you as the candidate are already aware of which exam you wish to take. EC Cape Town is not only a Testing Centre for IELTS examinations; we also offer exclusive IELTS preparation courses in South Africa that will improve your chances of getting the scores you require. Prepare for and write the IELTS exam at EC Cape Town-  The remaining IELTS test dates for 2014 are: 18 October 2014 22 November 2014 06 December 2014 * All the exam dates are for the General Training and Academic exam. Exams dates are fixed and are not subjected to change! For more information and to book the exam contact Rifqah Brenner on 021 422 4111 or email rifqahbrenner@ecenglish.com or apply online at www.ielts.co.za __________________________________ . Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter … Read more