Creative Writing: Time…

by Sheetal Makhan (AYC)

As I’ve said before, nothing excites me more than when students unlock their creative sparks before my eyes. Regardless of their professions, I try to make everyone see that they are capable of creating beauty with words. A couple of weeks ago, I presented the following picture to a small group of students and they wrote the following in just five minutes!

Google Images
From Google Images

by Sancha (Angola)

I can see time.
Time is money.
You can’t take time.
You need to use time quickly.
Time never stops.

Look after people 
by Ji-hyun (South Korea)

We have time equally.
Everyone can use it equally
But to succeed depends how well people use it.

by Miguel (Venezuela)

Time goes easily.
Life is now.
Now, maybe everybody doesn’t have time,
because everybody is busier than other centuries.
We are a slave of technology and material things.

by Otman Eltalis (Libya)

Time as the sword is very quickly in Cape Town,
but I will break time by my determination.
When I came to Cape Town, all my time is for English language.
I don’t like to lose time.

by Fathi (Libya)

The picture reminds us the importance of time. We must respect time and don’t spend it on unnecessary things.
The picture tells us, please always look at time.
Every hour that passed never comes back again.
The picture tells us that life is very short and we should try to use every second for everything good and to help people.
Look after old aged people because one day you will become like them.
Time passes quickly.


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