Vote for your favourite teacher at EC Cape Town

International Teacher’s Day is getting closer and closer so this is the perfect time to organize the ‘favourite teacher’ contest at our English Language School in South Africa.  Write the name of your favourite teacher on a piece of paper and deposit in into the box outside the Academic Office before the 26th of September. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Celebrating EC Cape Town Teachers! World Teachers Day

Fun Activities at EC Cape Town: Preparing For Spring

Spring has started and the air is already filling up with all things refreshing and cool. As one drives you’ll be sure to notice the Spring flowers popping up, the beautiful pure white lily’s and the darker shades of green crisp grass popping out new buds. With all things Spring lets have a look at some fun activities to do in Cape Town during the warmer upcoming seasons while studying English at the English Language school in South Africa: 1. Hiking up Cape Town’s beautiful mountains: Cape Town has lots of majestic and beautiful mountains, we love exploring them by taking our students up there for a refreshing and healthy hike (brisk walk). With popular paths such as Lions Head and Table Mountain, but to name a few, once students reach the peak the views are simply breathless! Why not watch out for these fun hikes and  feel free to sign up at Reception.   2. Table Mountain cable way 2. Once you reach the top, you don’t necessary have to go down again by foot. Cable cars are available to bring you well and safe down again. While you are in the cable car it spins a 360 degrees so everybody can have a fantastic view at the city and mountain from a unique point of view. Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens is known for the beautiful diversity of flora and fauna. Located against the eastern part of Table Mountain with a beautiful setting. The estate covers 528 hectares and supports a diverse fynbos flora and natural forest. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Spring Specials! Happy Health Day at EC Cape Town

EC Cape Town Students join Thomas for Ice Skating

EC Cape Town students had a great time with our intern Thomas at the Grand west Ice Station. There’s a well known saying that goes “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”, what better place to practice that saying. Not only did the students have quite a good laugh, but they all learned that giving up is not always the best solution. Where some students were pro’s on the ice, there were a few that started off quite wobbly but at the end were confident enough to skate freely. Take a look at some of the pictures Thomas took: What better way to have a good time with a few friends than to go ice skating. The falls, the slides and “bar-grabbers”are all hilarious not only to watch but even more so to see your friends trying to be a professional at something that at first is not as easy as it seems. To find out more about this weeks activities, feel more than welcome to see Chimonay or Thomas at Reception and book your favorite from our exclusive and super cool variety of activities of which changes on a weekly basis! __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Activities this week EC Cape Town Students: White Shark Cage Diving!!

AY Student of the Month: September 2014

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC I remember the exact day I met Mohidin (“Mohi”) from Libya. During our interview, he seemed ambitious and a true “go-getter”. As I got to know Mohi and his work ethics, my respect for him has grown tremendously. Always at school well before 08:00, he displays discipline towards his studies. He has been writing with me for a the past couple of months and I sometimes sit in awe and pride after reading his work. Most of all, I’m so proud that he has now joined the Cambridge Preparation Course (FCE). He is a shining example that hard work pays off. Well done, Mohi! Name: Mohidin Amar Esaadi Nationality: Libyan Profession: Doctor When did you begin at EC?: 1 April 2014 What level did you begin at?: Pre-intermediate Current level: FCE Cambridge Course (Upper Intermediate) What is your reason for studying English?: I’m studying English because I want to complete my postgraduate study and I hope to get IELTS Band 7. What extra facilities/classes at EC do you do? (eg Listening Center, Pronunciation Class etc…): I have been listening to a lot of stories and I have nearly finished all of them in the Listening Center. Has this helped? How? Yes, of course. If I talk regarding my medical field, the most important thing to understand in another language is listening. What tips/advice would you give to other students to improve their English?: You will have a lot of disappointments in your way and if you have these disappointments, you will realize that you are on the right path. Remember: Success has to come after a lot of disappointment.

Maximize your time…like Marina!

by Sheetal Makhan (AYC) It’s very easy to find ourselves “stuck in a rut” (to be bored). For some students, routine becomes school-home-school-home. I have said this repeatedly to our students: Cape Town is your classroom! All you need to do is: Open your eyes. Open your ears. Open your mind. One student who did this was Marina Albertini, who is back home in Brazil. I spent some time chatting to Marina about her time here in Cape Town. I was interested to hear about her story, especially when I learned that she was took saxophone lessons. It caught my attention because I thought it was a wonderful way of really “getting out there” and immersing herself in activities during her stay in South Africa. I hope many other students will read Marina’s story and follow suit. Marina has been playing Pop Rock for about seven years. She took music lessons when she was 18 years old, but not for a long time. When she arrived in Cape Town, she was already able to play the piano and guitar, but it was in Cape Town that she started learning saxophone. Like her father, her interest in music started out as a hobby. She soon found it to be a form of expression without using words. She says that she became a bit of an introvert after losing her grandmother. “Music was the one thing I knew how to do,” says Marina, who actually writes her own music with her band back in Brazil. She came to Cape Town to take a break before starting university. Although she always loved the saxophone, she never thought of pursuing it further. She wanted to maximize her time while studying in South Africa and event bought the instrument before taking lessons, which lasted for … Read more