The experience of a student studying English in Cape Town

Niklaus Minder

Level: Intermediate
From: Switzerland

Swiss student learning English in Cape Town

I will split my writing in two parts. Firstly write about my motive to change the level from intermediate to upper intermediate. In the second letter I’m writing about my feeling when I have to go back to Switzerland.

My motivation to change the level:
After that week I’ve been in the intermediate level for six weeks. For me, it has been a great, and very informative time and experience. I have learned a lot in grammar and also in vocabulary. I think a big piece of my success are the good teachers Mark and Graham. Both gave always the best in lessons. But now I think it is time to leave the convenience home to search a new challenge, where I can give my best for the last two weeks in Cape Town. At the end of March, I have to go back to Switzerland. I think I will leave Cape Town with a lucky and a tear eye. The tear eye describes the feelings that it was very nice in Cape Town, and all good memories about the new friends. Last but not least is there also a lucky eye, which describes the yearning to my girlfriend and family in Switzerland.

I hope this writing was not to boring, and I wish you a nice day.


Niklaus Minder