These feet were meant for walking

Humans of Cape Town

When EC Cape Town moved into the new building, we needed to create a look and feel for the school which would reflect South Africa in general; and Cape Town in particular. That’s when I first heard of “Humans of New York”. In this project, which started in 2010 in New York city, the photographer, Brandon, decided to take photographs of about 10 000 New Yorkers. Along the way, he also started interviewing his subjects and collecting short stories or quotes. This eventually led to a vibrant blog, facebook page and, ultimately a #1 bestselling book. We decided to do something similar, so if you’ve ever wondered about the portraits on our walls, let me introduce you to some of the humans of Cape Town that we met that day. This is Goodman Nono.     Goodman Nono is a familiar face and sound in Cape Town’s famous Greenmarket Square. For many years, this blind musician has been busking (playing publicly in the streets) at Greenmarket Square. In 2013, he became even more famous when police forcibly arrested him for ‘loud noise in a public space’, subsequently breaking his guitar. What made this even more crazy is that there were 6 policemen and Goodman was alone. They fined the street performer R1500, even though he only makes about R300 a day with his music. Witnesses who saw the attack were outraged and protested against this police brutality. They called the newspapers and radio stations to express their outrage and the video clip of the arrest went viral immediately. Today, Goodman Nono is free to sit and play his guitar at Greenmarket Square as he always has. so, the next time you walk past this man again, remember this story and please support his music!   Goodman is one of the subjects of the art project which is … Read more

Moataz standing at the top of Lion's Head on the EC Cape Town hike

I’ve climbed to the top of the mountain… three times!

I climbed Lion’s Head last Wednesday, again, for the third time with my friends at school! It is always fun and everybody had a great time with my wonderful teacher Elmin. She is so funny and very lovely. I always enjoy myself and have a good time with her. Ms Elmin always worries about the students, she doesn’t leave them alone and she always helps them. That’s her in the middle, with me on the left and my friend Roberson from Brazil on the right.     On every hike to Lion’s Head, when we reach the top, we use a slack line and everyone tries to walk on it. That is awesome and impressive as well.   And then we watch the sunset, a very wonderful view from the top of the mountain. At the end of the day I really enjoyed myself and had a cool time on Lion’s Head! If you love nature, you should definitely try this hike. Moataz is an Egyptian student who has been at EC language school in Cape Town for two months already. He has one month left and, who knows, maybe he’ll do the hike for a fourth time?!!

From school desk to the front desk – my internship experience

Hello, my name is Cinzia Matrascia. I am 23 years old and I am from Switzerland. (That’s me on the left!)   A little about me: I started studying English in England for 6 months at Intermediate level. Then I was thinking I would like to do the F.C.E. but I wasn’t sure where! I thought America or Africa but then it was clear I would like to go to Cape Town because there it is warm and also a completely other culture.     So, in a short time I moved from England to Cape Town and it was the best move ever! I met a lot of new students and also local people, they are very friendly and kind. I started my F.C.E course and it was very tricky in the beginning but more and more I felt comfortable. I had a very good experience. After 2 months I was thinking to work in Cape Town and I was looking to extend my Visa. EC school is not only good for studying, they gave me the biggest chance in my life – to work for them as an intern and this was awesome.I was surprised but also excited.     And that is my story from the school desk to the front desk! If you would like to know more about the internship programme at EC language school in Cape Town, contact student services and we will gladly assist. See you soon!

Dream, volunteer and learn with the Rainbow Dreamers

The Rainbow Dreamers Volunteer Project is a community outreach project started by Aaliya Bulbulia and her students in November 2013. It has grown to serve, on average, 100 to 200 children each week. Every Thursday after 15h00, Aaliya, Samia and Adele (teachers at EC language school Cape Town) and a group of student volunteers set out to Kalkfontein for an afternoon of fun and learning with the local children. Everyone is encouraged to join as a volunteer, but, if you can’t attend, donations of clothes and funds are welcome!   Kalkfontein is a township situated in Kuils River, near Stellenbosch, about a 40 minute drive from the Cape Town city centre. The number of children who attend the project range, on average, between 80 and 120 in winter and 150 and 200 in summer. People of all ages, nationalities and interests are welcome to join Rainbow Dreamers as volunteers. The project relies on the ongoing participation of volunteers as it’s entirely volunteer-run, with the oversight, organisation, guidance and help of these three dynamic facilitators..   Here is what some of the volunteers had to say On the 16th of April it was a very special day for me. I went with EC’s teachers (Aaliya, Samia and Adele) to Kalkfontein township. We have a project every Thursday with the children from there and we help them to exchange and to be good people in the future. So, this project was new for me and I have never done or tried anything like this kind of project, but I decided to go with them for the experience. So, we went to Kalkfontein township and I didn’t expect the area to be like this. It was a poor area and the people are very simple. We got off the van and we started to walk and … Read more

Rebecca Oeshger who recently studied at EC Cape Town

Start your professional career at EC language school Cape Town

Have you ever thought about travelling abroad to a warm and sunny country? If yes, then this article about my language stay in Cape Town will be interesting for you. First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca; I am 24 years old and I come from Switzerland. After a very intensive time at University I was looking for a good option to take a break from everything, so that I could start my professional career with new energy and power.   I thought about several different destinations such as Miami, London or even Canada. But as I’m very bad in taking decisions, I just trusted my contact person from Pro Linguis who was very excited about Cape Town. The way he spoke about the city was convincing me and without any regret I booked my trip to South Africa (3 months). I stayed there with a Muslim host family which was also one of my best decisions I’ve ever done, even though I was very sceptic at first. The family was very warm and generous and they were extremely interested in my culture and me.     As a second reason why I really recommend travelling to Cape Town is the nice environment. Cape Town offers a wide range of leisure time activities. If you are a sporty person you can do a  lot of other things next to surf, dive and hike. If you prefer some relaxing activities you can either go on a wine tour and explore the beauty of the landscape or you can finish your evening with   a nice dinner in a nice restaurant. A further good aspect of my trip was the EC School, which is located in the heart of Cape Town. Everything is reachable within a walking distance … Read more

Experience a taste of South Africa!

On Friday night, students and teachers of EC language school in Cape Town enjoyed our first official party since moving into the new school! Students were invited to experience “a taste of South Africa” and that is exactly what they got. The evening was a celebration of all things Africa; with traditional music, dance and, of course, food. We had all the ingredients for a great party. First up, the marimba’s (a traditional African instrument)       The performers welcomed the students and staff as they entered and definitely set the tone for the rest of the evening. With their upbeat rhythms and infectious smiles, these high school students soon had the crowd amajiving (dancing) and feeling the African beat. If you’ve never heard the magic of a marimba and drums, you haven’t experienced the spirit of South Africa yet! And then it was the dancers’ chance to wow the audience with their story of dance, song and drums, all in Xhosa! It didn’t even matter that students didn’t understand the clicks and sounds of this foreign language as photos were taken and hands clapped along. Even our youngest guests couldn’t help themselves.   By now everyone wanted to get up and dance but for those who needed some energy, tables were filled with all sorts of sweet and savoury delights that were enthusiastically polished off. And as I left, one of the students wanted to know when we were having the next party. That’s when I knew we had really shown them our combined culture and it made me proud to be South African. I could not have done this without the help of our EC staff but most of all thank you to all the students who shared this evening with us; and to Faisal,thank you for the photos. … Read more