Start your professional career at EC language school Cape Town

Have you ever thought about travelling abroad to a warm and sunny country? If yes, then this article about my language stay in Cape Town will be interesting for you. First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca; I am 24 years old and I come from Switzerland. After a very intensive time at University I was looking for a good option to take a break from everything, so that I could start my professional career with new energy and power.

Rebecca and friends enjoy a break after a long day at EC Language school Cape Town.


I thought about several different destinations such as Miami, London or even Canada. But as I’m very bad in taking decisions, I just trusted my contact person from Pro Linguis who was very excited about Cape Town. The way he spoke about the city was convincing me and without any regret I booked my trip to South Africa (3 months). I stayed there with a Muslim host family which was also one of my best decisions I’ve ever done, even though I was very sceptic at first. The family was very warm and generous and they were extremely interested in my culture and me.


A view of the famous Bokaap neighbourhood, a heritage site and Rebecca's homestay in Cape Town. Picture taken by Olivier from France.


As a second reason why I really recommend travelling to Cape Town is the nice environment. Cape Town offers a wide range of leisure time activities. If you are a sporty person you can do a  lot of other things next to surf, dive and hike. If you prefer some relaxing activities you can either go on a wine tour and explore the beauty of the landscape or you can finish your evening with   a nice dinner in a nice restaurant.

A further good aspect of my trip was the EC School, which is located in the heart of Cape Town. Everything is reachable within a walking distance and there are several nice Bakeries, Bars and Restaurants just around to corner to have a wonderful lunch break. The teachers are well educated and can help you to improve right where you need it the most.

Long Street is a popular attraction for EC students looking for entertainment in the city. Photo courtesy of Dilsat, a previous EC student. from Turkey.

To sum up, Cape Town offers you everything, from nice beaches and breath-taking landscapes to a powerful city with an amazing history. I promise, it’s worthwhile to visit the rainbow nation.

A perfect sunset taken by EC language student Muntaser from Libya.

Penguins at Boulder's Beach, another famous attraction for nature lovers at EC language school. Photo taken by Hussein from Libya

A performance by the traditional minstrels in the Bo-kaap, adding colour and music to this popula area. The Bo-kaap is a good homestay option for muslim and non-muslim students at EC language school.

Want to find out more about homestay in Cape Town or are you looking for a language school in Cape Town, then look no further.