The vision

67 minutes for Madiba

Nelson Mandela was born in 1918, nearly 100 years ago!  After dedicating his life to fighting the injustice and cruelty of the Apartheid government, he became the first black President of a democratic South Africa at the age of 76! Although he stepped down after one term (4 years), he continued his political work until the age of 90; and finally went into retirement. In his lifetime he showed  us what it means to have courage, determination and love for all people.  On his birthday, 18th July 1993, a year after leaving prison and a year before becoming President he made this promise: “I pledge that I will use all my strength to help bring about peace, democracy and justice for all in our country”. This is what he did. Every year on his birthday, the people of South Africa stopped and stood together to celebrate our tata  (father) Madiba. Celebrities and politicians all sent him their wishes but Mandela preferred being with his children, grandchildren, children from his village, the local school or children’s hospital – this is when he smiled brightly and looked like any loving grandfather, not the famous politician the world knew and respected.   In 2009, while celebrating his birthday in London’s Hyde Park, he passed this pledge to all of us when he famously stated “It is in your hands now” and so the idea of Mandela Day was born. In 2009, the UN officially declared the 18th July International Mandela Day. By creating the “67 minutes for Mandela” campaign, the foundation found a way to honour his 67 years of public service to the people of South Africa and the world in general. The campaign has become a global call to take action and give service to the community as Nelson Mandela did … Read more

Ahmed is now in China studying Chinese

“What I got from EC Cape Town is still helping me”

Because this was the first time I started studying another language, before I traveled to Cape Town I was somehow lost and I didn’t know what to do about my future. I just felt when I was studying at EC Cape Town that I really started to find what I wanted. With some advice from some teachers and normal conversation for one hour, it gave me something I needed to keep going.  So I went there (EC Cape Town) to learn English, but many things happened that changed my life and many peoples’ lives. What  makes me more confident in myself  is I was just having fun everyday and studying, but in my last week I heard many friends and even some teachers say that I changed their lives.  I thought I’m the only person. They changed my thinking about many things and changed my way in life but I found I changed many friends’ lives and my teachers too.  So just to know this, even if one person comes to you and he has a heart to heart talk and he says you changed his life!! That for sure will change your life too somehow. My best moment; I really can’t say one thing but if I have to, I’ll say when we went to Table Mountain and saw the sunset. That time I can’t describe. It is just great when you see the sunset time on one of the world’s wonders with great students and friends.  It was one of the best moments there. Now I’m in China to learn Chinese and believe it or not what I got from EC is still helping me here. Like my English is helping me for Chinese level one because you need English in this level to understand fast. Or some words … Read more

Humans of Cape Town – the second portrait

This is the second in a series of human stories that we captured as part of the EC art project.  All the photo’s are currently displayed on our wall at EC so when you are ready to start your English classes in Cape Town, please take a moment to appreciate them. Let me introduce you to our next portrait, Gavin Ebden, a trader at the famous Greenmarket Square AND reggae musician. When we met him he was playing his guitar at his stall, entertaining the rest of the market while waiting for his next sale. I’m Gavin Ebden, born in District six but pushed out years ago. I find myself in Strandfontein at the moment. I come here every day to my stall.   So, obviously you’re from this city, why do you love this city so much? Of course, I do love this city, intensely. I love this city because all my family was born in this city, number one. And then we have a history in this city, going back generations and also we have descendants that we have only recently found out, of the Khoisan – the indigenous first nation people here in South Africa, now we even more proud of our city because we know we were the first people here before anyone else came to colonise our area, you know. And for the nature obviously. For Robben Island and its history, for Cape Point, the beauty of nature, for the Winelands, for Table Mountain, for the whole mountain range. Just for the nature, for the Cape Flats, for the vleis and  the wetlands and for the birdlife and for the animals and stuff and for the people also. We love everything of this whole place I’m sure you have a lot of memories but what is … Read more

My trip to Cape Town

My name is Hamza Alghassani. I’m 20 years old. One month ago I decided to continue my education (again) but because my English is not good, I thought about how to improve it. I found the best way to improve my English is to go abroad. So I travelled to South Africa to the city of Cape Town.   I applied to EC school. When I started a few months ago I didn’t understand anything, just a few words. I started from level one until level two. After three months, I went back home to extend my visa and I came back to finish my course to Advanced level. I am at the same school because all the teachers are very good and they do their best to improve the students.     Hamza is currently at Elementary level but this time he has a confidence that was not there before. He always sits at the computers doing extra work and attends all the free classes (sometimes he is the only Elementary student with a group of Upper Intermediates!). One thing that makes Hamza so special is his courage and determination. Even though he is only at Elementary level, he has written this piece and does whatever is required from him. We will be watching his progress and update you.    Do you want to find out more about English classes in Cape Town then look no further, EC language school is waiting to hear from you! Keep in touch at EC Cape Town Facebook page 🙂  

Hassan playing soccer for EC Cape Town

Don’t give up on things that make you smile :)

Honestly, I can’t stop missing EC school !!!     I’ve been at EC school before, in 2010 and it was really a very nice experience. Wisdom says “Don’t give up on things that make you smile” So, I’m going to come back to school again after 5 years and I’m so excited!!   My advice for all the students, I will talk to you as a student and your friend. If you want a good environment to learn English, I prefer EC school, but I don’t mean you will learn from school without studying. You have to study to improve yourself. I prefer EC school, why? I will tell you why and what I saw at EC school. The first thing I love at school is all the teachers, students and staff working as one family and one team to develop and improve the students’ language. This is done through activities, like the library, cinema, soccer, friends and during break time. It is a family There are many resources and methods at EC school or outside of school to making language easy. But for me I needed more. When I entered EC school it is not like when I left school and I noticed the difference. For this reason I will go back to school again.   Thanx EC school and I love you!!!   Our teachers still remember Hassan as a kind gentlemen and we were very sad when he left. As you can see from the photo’s, he loves making new friends but he also took his studies very seriously. We can’t wait to see you again Hassan!!   EC Cape Town is on facebook, read more about our activities there.    

I (heart) EC language school Cape Town

I’m back with a new challenge…

It is easy to talk about my experience at EC. I really had an amazing time here and I also met people with different lifestyles, cultures and nationalities. It was wonderful!   Everything started at the end of October, when I decided to leave my country for 6 months and come to Cape Town to follow my dream… to speak English and improve my skills. When I started to study at Beginner level, I could not say anything or understand what the teachers and people were saying. But everything was so easy and simple because at EC I didn’t just find a school, I found the most friendly, kind and professional people – all of them prepared to make the life of the students easier. They helped us with whatever we needed.     I stayed at EC about 6 months and I finished my course at Intermediate level. By that time I could speak and understand what the people were saying and I was so proud of myself and all the staff (teachers and workers) because they gave me all the support to have made it possible.     Now, after two months, I am back in Cape Town and also at EC because I have a new challenge and no-one is better than EC to direct me on this new journey in my life!     Janice is a returning student from Angola. She made remarkable progress in the 6 months she was here; but this was also because she went to the listening centre regularly, she attended all her classes, including the free classes and she always did her homework. Janice is a true example of how hard work will result in success. Contact EC language school today to find out about English classes in Cape Town!