I’m back with a new challenge…

It is easy to talk about my experience at EC. I really had an amazing time here and I also met people with different lifestyles, cultures and nationalities. It was wonderful!

Janice and her classmates at EC Language school Cape Town


Everything started at the end of October, when I decided to leave my country for 6 months and come to Cape Town to follow my dream… to speak English and improve my skills. When I started to study at Beginner level, I could not say anything or understand what the teachers and people were saying. But everything was so easy and simple because at EC I didn’t just find a school, I found the most friendly, kind and professional people – all of them prepared to make the life of the students easier. They helped us with whatever we needed.

I (heart) EC language school Cape Town



I stayed at EC about 6 months and I finished my course at Intermediate level. By that time I could speak and understand what the people were saying and I was so proud of myself and all the staff (teachers and workers) because they gave me all the support to have made it possible.


Janice was a regular at the listening centre. Here she is with Una, at the old EC Cape Town language school.


Now, after two months, I am back in Cape Town and also at EC because I have a new challenge and no-one is better than EC to direct me on this new journey in my life!


Janice and her teacher Mark at the graduation ceremony which happens every Friday at EC Cape Town


Janice is a returning student from Angola. She made remarkable progress in the 6 months she was here; but this was also because she went to the listening centre regularly, she attended all her classes, including the free classes and she always did her homework. Janice is a true example of how hard work will result in success. Contact EC language school today to find out about English classes in Cape Town!