Don’t give up on things that make you smile :)

Honestly, I can’t stop missing EC school !!!


Hassan playing soccer for EC Cape Town English School


I’ve been at EC school before, in 2010 and it was really a very nice experience. Wisdom says “Don’t give up on things that make you smile” So, I’m going to come back to school again after 5 years and I’m so excited!!

Hassan and teachers from EC language school Cape Town English School


My advice for all the students, I will talk to you as a student and your friend. If you want a good environment to learn English, I prefer EC school, but I don’t mean you will learn from school without studying. You have to study to improve yourself. I prefer EC school, why? I will tell you why and what I saw at EC school. The first thing I love at school is all the teachers, students and staff working as one family and one team to develop and improve the students’ language. This is done through activities, like the library, cinema, soccer, friends and during break time. It is a family

Hassan improved his English by speaking to other students and playing lots of soccer at EC Cape Town

Hassan and a friend from EC Cape Town having fun on the soccer field

There are many resources and methods at EC school or outside of school to making language easy. But for me I needed more. When I entered EC school it is not like when I left school and I noticed the difference. For this reason I will go back to school again.

Hassan at the popular  Waterfront, which is not far from EC Cape Town English School


Thanx EC school and I love you!!!


Our teachers still remember Hassan as a kind gentlemen and we were very sad when he left. As you can see from the photo’s, he loves making new friends but he also took his studies very seriously. We can’t wait to see you again Hassan!!  

EC Cape Town is on facebook, read more about our activities there.