My trip to Cape Town

My name is Hamza Alghassani. I’m 20 years old. One month ago I decided to continue my education (again) but because my English is not good, I thought about how to improve it. I found the best way to improve my English is to go abroad. So I travelled to South Africa to the city of Cape Town.

Hamza looking at Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain. Mountain hikes happen every month at EC Cape Town English School


Hamza with teacher Una in his class at EC Cape Town English Language School

I applied to EC school. When I started a few months ago I didn’t understand anything, just a few words. I started from level one until level two. After three months, I went back home to extend my visa and I came back to finish my course to Advanced level. I am at the same school because all the teachers are very good and they do their best to improve the students.

Hamza and some of his friends at EC Cape Town English Language School


Hamza with one of the EC Cape Town English Language School teachers on a hike


Hamza is currently at Elementary level but this time he has a confidence that was not there before. He always sits at the computers doing extra work and attends all the free classes (sometimes he is the only Elementary student with a group of Upper Intermediates!). One thing that makes Hamza so special is his courage and determination. Even though he is only at Elementary level, he has written this piece and does whatever is required from him. We will be watching his progress and update you. 


Thumbs up for EC Cape Town English Language School!

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