From Table Mountain you can see the entire city of Cape Town

My time in Cape Town

My name is Luiz Carlos and I want to tell you about the time that I have spent in Cape Town.   I arrived five weeks ago and I’ve been learning English at EC since then. My wife came with me which makes everything easier. It is not such a good thing being alone and even worse to feel that way.       In the beginning, the weather was a problem, for sure, and until now I am still getting used to it. So, I’m living in an apartment which is very nice, although it isn’t near to school. Anyway, we will stay in cape Town for 6 more weeks and we hope to enjoy each moment. I’m glad to be here and I expect to come back one day.   Luiz started at Intermediate and is currently at Upper Intermediate. He is always at school and stays here until about 5 o’clock every day working together with his wife, Cyntia

This is 'beauty' looking over the sea in Cape Town

Just an ordinary guy

Hello 🙂 First of all my name is Sandro. I am an average Swiss guy, searching for his passion and himself. I would not say I am special. Maybe sometimes I am strange or crazy but the truth is I am just an ordinary guy.   Until 2015 I had never never been out of Europe. I’ve been to a lot of countries in Europe but, honestly, it wasn’t that special.   So I went to Asia or more in detail; I travelled through India and supported a voluntary organization in Laos and Thailand. I could write a book about each country but I don’t want to bore you. After my trip I quit my job at the post office where I used to work for six years. Not because of my co-workers, no, because they are lovely people. I was just tired of the routine of everyday life. Three months later I was free and now I am in Cape Town.    After two months of school and learning English, I will travel around South Africa by motorbike. This is the reason why I am writing this travel blog. I would like to share my experience and I would like to stay in touch with all the fabulous people I met here. So I will take you with me on my adventure. I hope you will enjoy my reporting and my thoughts. Sandro is currently learning English at EC English school in Cape Town .

Take the plunge at EC Cape Town!

English 101

There are two kinds of students who come to our English school in Cape Town.   The first group generally has some knowledge of English; they are used to bigger cities, travelling and have no problem adjusting to Cape Town’s lifestyle, accent and culture.   Then we have another group of students who have little or no English whatsoever. They generally come from smaller cities or towns and find it very difficult to adjust to the culture, accent and weather!. These two groups have very different experiences after landing in the Mother City.   The first group is more involved in social activities at the school and they seem to make friends very easily because they are not afraid to communicate. The second group prefers to work alone. They don’t often make friends outside their own nationality and with the result their development is much slower. It is not easy to feel safe and secure in a place where you cannot speak the language and, unfortunately, these students feel that they are not learning fast enough and their experience often seems negative.     At EC Cape Town, we offer a range of free classes every day of the week to encourage students of all levels to interact and learn together, even though they might only be starting their English journey. Speaking is the first obstacle. English is a very easy language (compared to other languages) if you take the time to understand the grammar and you are prepared to do the extra work required. This extra work involves learning new words every day and having a strategy of revising and using these words.   I had a Spanish student who would use a new word he learnt in class word every day just to see if it was in the right context. It worked … Read more

A 360 degree view of the mountain, taken on one of EC cape Town's hikes

My Cape Town

I am a “heart person”. If I use my heart to speak, instead of my head, the words come easier. Actually I’m here in Cape Town because my heart was broken. My journey to Cape Town started a few months ago. I was feeling sad because my five-year relationship was over and I had doubts about my major at university. So, I decided to change. And for someone like me who loves nature, why not Cape Town?   I have never been to another continent before. I’m really far away from home and I miss my parents, my sister and my cats… but this is the best experience I have ever had. I can feel like myself here. I love the people, I love the food and the view is always amazing. It doesn’t matter where I am, it’s always possible to see the mountain and what a view!   In Brazil, I used to be lonely all the time because I was working and studying. Here in Cape Town I am never alone. In my host family, everybody is friendly. My room-mate is a quiet girl but she is really sweet. At school, I feel the same. The teachers and the whole EC team are helpful and kind. I also have a lot of friends from all over the world here. So many different cultures, I love it!     My teachers asked me to write a short text but it’s impossible. I can spend hours talking about this city. Thanks to Cape Town, my heart is not broken anymore. I wish I could stay here longer! If I had more time, I would definitely do it. I’m glad that I chose to study at this English school in Cape Town 🙂  

EC Cape Town football team

The beautiful game

Every Thursday the EC English students go to play football at a nice field next to the school. It doesn’t matter if the student is a Beginner or Advanced, from Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or another country.   Last week my husband wanted to play and I decided to go along to take pictures and have fun watching the game. I didn’t know what was waiting for me: the field was at the top of a building! I almost didn’t watch the game because the view is amazing! From there you can see the fabulous Table Mountain, a beautiful clock on a ‘church’ and beautiful buildings where you can try to locate yourself by seeing the city. It`s fantastic! At the city center you have a field at the top of a building! It sounds crazy, but this is Cape Town!     The students played for more than one hour because the weather was perfect: sunny and windy. The teacher was the referee, but at some time he decided to play too. The game is irresistible for men!     What caught my attention is that we need to learn language, we need to learn how to write and talk but body language is universal, single, comprehensible. Everybody was very happy, smiling, having fun and tired at the end. And they deserved a picture like a professional team!   Monise is currently at EC language school in Cape Town with her husband Alison. They have made a pact to only speak English while they are in Cape Town because they are only here for a month.  🙂 Don’t forget to like us on