My time in Cape Town

My name is Luiz Carlos and I want to tell you about the time that I have spent in Cape Town.

A momento left by another hiker. EC Cape Town is host to many Brazilian students


I arrived five weeks ago and I’ve been learning English at EC since then. My wife came with me which makes everything easier. It is not such a good thing being alone and even worse to feel that way.

Luiz and his Cyntia having their speaking assessment on the first day



Luiz arrived at EC Cape Town on the 21 September. Here  he is with the rest of the group


In the beginning, the weather was a problem, for sure, and until now I am still getting used to it. So, I’m living in an apartment which is very nice, although it isn’t near to school. Anyway, we will stay in cape Town for 6 more weeks and we hope to enjoy each moment. I’m glad to be here and I expect to come back one day.

Table Mountain can be seen throughout the city and from EC Cape Town


Luiz started at Intermediate and is currently at Upper Intermediate. He is always at school and stays here until about 5 o’clock every day working together with his wife, Cyntia