Finally, DEnise has her moment to experience what many EC Cape Town students have already

A spectacular walk to the top of Lion’s Head.

  Lion’s Head! An amazing experience and a real “must” for all Cape Town visitors. But, it might not be the best place for people who are scared of heights – the Lion’s Head peak is about 669 metres above sea level! After our short taxi trip from EC to Lion’s Head me and some of the other 35 students were a little bit afraid of the walk to the top of this amazing hill. I was shocked by the route which seemed to be quite dangerous and impossible to handle.   I stopped two times because I didn’t want to continue. Some of the students wanted to break up and go back down during the walk. However, all students motivated each other all the time. It was quite windy, but approximately one hour later we reached the peak. Our exciting hike offered us a spectacular and unique perspective over Cape Town and the Atlantic Ocean.       Denise is from Germany and currently doing an internship at the language school in Cape Town