Dancing the day away... sigh! What a beautiful life Barulio :)

The city is amazing!

Hello Everyone, I’m a Civil Engineer and I would like to speak a little bit about my journey to Cape Town.   Before arriving here, I was afraid about this choice because it isn’t “the First World” and I could have chosen to travel to the USA, Europe or wherever. The worst was I hadn’t booked accommodation with the help of the school. To book, I accessed a website and made the booking. Surprisingly, the city that I was afraid of, is amazing.       I arrived at the airport and took the bus (Mycity bus) to learn quickly how to move around using public transport (for me, it’s an excellent system). I arrived safely at my house in the neighbourhood Walmer Estate, a very quiet area and 4 km from EC Cape Town language school. I can take the bus in 3 minutes (walking). I am very happy I chose to come here. It is an amazing place with wonderful views (like Lion’s Head, Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope and so on). The cost of living is a little bit less than Brazil (excellent), and the school takes care of the students. I like this.       About safety, don’t worry. Just take care of your stuff as any other place. Braulio stayed with us for three months and is now in Australia continuing his adventure. We miss him at school but we are glad we could a small part of his journey. Come back soon Braulio 🙂

Frankfurt in Cape Town?

Arriving in Cape Town, you feel more like you are in Frankfurt or any other big city in Germany than being in Africa.       But what brings you down to earth and gives you the feeling that you are in South Africa and not in Germany? Firstly, going to the supermarkets you will see shopping bags with animals like elephants, giraffes or buffalos printed on them.     And of course, the weather! The temperature can reach up to 40 degrees in summer, although the breeze does make the hot weather more enjoyable and bearable!       Regarding security: a lot of streets have CCTV cameras in order to establish security. You shouldn’t go walking alone at night, travel by train in fringe areas or walk in very quiet areas, where there is no visible security. I kept my valuables and important documents in my room safe. A strange feeling for me was that our house was monitored by a security guard.     When you are in traffic, the lights for the pedestrians are different to the ones in Germany: three seconds green, flashing red for approximately ten seconds- that’s the reason half of the pedestrians in Cape Town – especially the unaware tourists – run across the streets all the time. A kind of fitness program of the government! 🙂 In addition to the traffic you will see minibus taxis everywhere! The taxi drivers have a very special driving behaviour and love to stop whenever they want to.       Fun fact: between the towns of Springbok and Upington car manufacturers from Europe and Asia test the speed of their cars. Signs on the vehicles make it clear that they are allowed to drive as fast as they want to.     Walking around … Read more

Denise gets the chance to feed an ostrich!

West Coast Ostrich Farm and Blouberg Beach is awesome!

The West Coast Ostrich Farm & Blouberg Beach is one of the regular activities offered at EC Cape Town. The tour offers students an opportunity to learn and interact with these amazing animals -you can even sit on an ostrich if you are adventurous enough! The activity includes a drive to Blouberg Beach on the West Coast, which is extremely popular with watersports enthusiasts – particularly kite surfers and windsurfers.   And so we sent our lovely intern Denise to check it out and tell us what she thought. This is what she had to say:   Feeding an ostrich, carrying a tortoise like a baby and enjoying the beautiful view of Table Mountain: a very awesome experience that is offered for the students at the EC Cape Town.       At the West Coast Ostrich Farm, we were able to get very close to the ostriches. I must admit that all of us were a bit afraid of these huge and very fast animals. Beside the ostriches, we also got in contact with huge tortoises with a weight of approximately 15 kilograms! Our guide gave us some tortoises and we carried them around like babies. After we made this awesome contact with these amazing animals, our guide took us to the Blouberg Beach where we enjoyed a pretty glorious and indescribable view of Table Mountain till the late afternoon.

Denise dealt with her fear of heights during one of the EC Cape Town hikes

5 reasons to do an internship at EC Cape Town

This is an article written by Denise Eisenbeiser, our recent intern at EC Cape Town Language School. She only stayed with us for one month but her contribution to the Academic department was invaluable. Thank yo for being such a great intern Denise 🙂   What will I do? As an intern you will be involved in either educational activities, event organizing or various marketing related procedures. Moreover, you will assist the school with PR activities and customer service. You will also assist in creating activities for students, marketing these activities, booking them and accompanying students on the outings. In the Academic department you might supervise and assist with placement and level tests, checking schedules and writing articles – including photos- for the EC blog.     What skills do I need?  Background in Marketing, Event Management or Education Good computer knowledge Confidence  The ability to work in teams and independently Good level of English (at least Intermediate) A presentable and well organised individual who can communicate effectively     All interns are more than welcome at EC Cape Town. Arriving at the language school you can feel the open minded attitude of the friendly staff. From the first day, I was easily integrated into the big EC family and could ask any question that came to mind. I always felt supported- no matter which problem I had.     Why YOU should consider doing an internship at EC Cape Town: EC Cape Town is the best way to improve your English skills because you are in contact with a lot of teachers and international students. The city is a cosmopolitan city filled with students and tourists from all over the world and thus English is the common language. Besides this, English is the language for business and government departments so you have … Read more