A review of “La Mouette”

Josefien came to do her F.C.E preparation at EC (the South African English Language Centre in Cape Town) and recently completed the exam. She wrote this text during her course and we felt we had to add it for all the ‘foodies’ who come to Cape Town searching for a fine dining experience. Enjoy 🙂

My friend Tess and I have been visiting Cape Town for a couple of days.

Josefien was one of our FCE students at Ec Cape Town and although she had a hectic schedule she found time to relax.

We have dined at several restaurants but there was one restaurant which was definitely outstanding. The place is called “La Mouette”. The first time we were wined and dined by two guys we had met in a club the day before. Because we felt so satisfied about the evening, and especially the restaurant, we decided to spend our last evening there.

Josefien wrote this text for her FCE course at EC Cape Town

Our waitress was again very friendly and polite, although the service was a bit sluggish (we waited for our main dish almost an hour but it was totally worth it!). My friend is gluten intolerant so she is a bit of a fussy  eater but the menu was still very tasty and of a high quality.

Some of the staff outside the restaurant.

The waitress and kitchen staff went out of their way to reach this. Because of my sweet tooth we finished our dinner with a homemade cheesecake; it was delicious. To summarise, if you want to be assured of a very good meal, amazing, hardworking and friendly staff and a good atmosphere, “La Mouette” is the place to be!

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