Shamiela and Thomas, who is studying at EC Cape Town

Host families at EC Cape Town

We asked one of our special host family mothers to share her experience of hosting students at EC Cape Town, one of the most popular choices for English language Centres in South Africa. It is thanks to people like Shamiela Samodien that our host family accommodation has become so sought after. A big thank you from all of us at EC!   I have been hosting students for EC Language School for the past ten years. My home is situated in Bo Kaap which makes it easy for students to walk to and fro from school. I have had a variety of experiences and most of them are filled with happy memories. I was privileged to have hosted students from all over the world and the introduction to our way of life was almost always accepted , warmly. With hosting comes responsibility . Ensuring that my student is comfortable , to make him or her feel at home. To assist with homework and to spare time after school to interact with him / her. Cape Town probably has more than 10 English Learning schools. It is amazing to see so many of them walking in the streets of Bo-Kaap. They blend in and the community has accepted this new cosmopolitan look and make students feel welcome. My relationship with the administrative staff at E C has grown over the years and they are very accommodating and understanding. I will continue to host students as long as I can because it not only gives me pleasure but it offers me the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world and learn about their culture  as well. Love, Shamiela

Although it was quite cold, these EC Cape Town students enjoyed themselves

Wine tasting experience in Cape Town

We asked our wonderful intern Ines to try out the wine tasting experience and to write her opinion about this popular activity on the social program at EC Cape Town, the premier English language centre in South Africa. (Ines is standing on the far right in the front row)   South Africa is well known for its wonderful wine estates…and You should enjoy it too! EC Cape Town offers many activities as part of their social program and since I had never done the tour before I thought I’d  try it for you! We visited two different wineries in Constantia with Patrick, our driver and guide for the day.The first wine estate was very big, when we arrived we can saw hectares of acres of grape vines and we were really impressed, what a lovely landscape!   Inside the farm, there are pretty paintings with typical South Africa decorations. I think it’s a wonderful place and there are lots of things to see before the guided tour. In this guided tour, the man explained the various steps of wine production, showed us various machines and the secrets to having a quality wine. Then, it’s time for the best moment: the wine tasting! We could try 5 different wines, including 2 white wine and 3 red wine. The five were very different and offered a variety of flavours – from some very fruity wine to the dry wines, it was very pleasant! To close the visit, we had the possibility to buy wines at the front desk and it was not so expensive.s The second wine estate was also in Constantia but it was smaller than the first. In this more familial and intimate atmosphere, we tasted 6 lovely wines and we can bought our favourites. Finally, I advise you to try … Read more