Doing an internship abroad… in South Africa!

We asked our new intern Khemil to tell us about his first weeks at EC’s South African Language Centre…this is what he had to say: I am Khemil Ramful, I am 19 years old and I am a French student in second year at EGC business school in Reunion Island. I had the opportunity to do an internship abroad for two months. At the beginning I didn’t know what country to choose, but when I heard of Cape Town. I suddenly wanted to have more information… and then come. I have never imagined to what extent Cape Town is amazing and this fascination started when I arrived on the plane and by seeing this amazing landscapes and nature surrounding this city. Cape Town have this particularity to bring together modernity with these high buildings we don’t have in our country, and diversity, tradition, and at the same time nature with the extraordinary Table Mountain. This is what make it really original and cosmopolitan. I am here for 2 months with my friends from EGC and at the moment I have the marvellous opportunity to do my internship at EC Cape which is very pleasant English school. I had the occasion the meet nice people there and created new contacts.   1. Table Mountain With its 1086 m altitude, Table Mountain is the most attractive place in Cape Town with an amazing view surrounding the city. This wonder dominates all of Cape Town and you can enjoy it any time with your friends or family. The first time I went to Table Mountain with my friends I felt very impressed because I could see all the city. It was amazing. If you want to enjoy more the view, you can take the cable car.   2. Boulders beach Boulders beach is … Read more