Free English Language classes at EC Cape Town

At EC Cape Town we aim to provide students with the best English language classes in South Africa and with our free class program, we have ensured that students will always have something extra. One of the recent lessons focused on adverbs and students had to write their own adverbial poem – pretty cool! Here are some of the best ones. The first is from Juliana who is currently in the Advanced class Ego’s eroding Enlightenment achieved urgently But you opened up so quietly Past lives are seen carefully As the Universe expands lovingly Raphael who is in Intermediate level gave us this sweet piece: I was walking nervously Because I knew a girl speaking lovingly I talked with her carefully Suddenly she hugged and kissed me slowly Sarah and Katja worked on the next poem together; both are Upper Intermediate students Snow I drive through the mountains slowly I look up at the snow-capped peaks lovingly The soft, white snow is falling quietly, I try to drive carefully Suddenly I turn around My ski experience ends tragically And finally Gustavo, who is also at Intermediate level wrote about some of the characters who regularly attend free class, it is simply entitled: Free Class Carla comes along quietly Raphael is always arriving slowly Joao is talking shyly Katja makes me miss her sadly Sometimes I do my work lazily And the teacher instructs lovingly  

Respect nature and you will be respected

Caina has become one of our favourite students at EC,  the English Language Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Caina not only works hard but he has such a love for hiking that he now offers hikes on a Saturday morning for students who could not do it in the week.  Recently the students from EC Cape Town did a beautiful hike over the weekend in Cape Town. We walked for hours with beautiful views from the mountain and city and they had the opportunity to be close to nature. Hiking provides special moments to interact with each other, share experiences and so become closer to the person next to you. One of the most wonderful parts during our hike is when we become silent, reflecting and appreciating the scenery. Here in Cape Town you will find all of kinds of routes; some can be difficult and some are easier. Trust me you can do all of them, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, or if you have the ability to finish in a short time.   When you decide to join, then you will only understand the meaning of all of this. If you think you are not strong enough to do this or not an active person, let me try to guide you from another perspective to change your mind.     After all I will not lie, your legs will feel sore the next day, that’s true but I put my hand on fire, no-one complains at the end of the journey. And just maybe you will become a little more of a traveller than a tourist. Just remember “Respect nature and you will be respected’      

Silly hanging out at one of the many beaches which are close to EC Cape Town

Everything was wonderful at EC Cape Town English School

We ask our students regularly to tell us about their experience at EC Cape Town. Here Silly Camara (who had all had his English language classes in Cape Town, South Africa) tells us about his experience thus far. He completed an FCE, IELTS and is now doing an internship in the Student Services department. I want to talk about the Mother City, Cape Town, which is one of the most magnificent and beautiful cities I have ever been to. It has been a great experience for me as a student to stay 8 months in Cape Town and studying at one of its nicest language schools,  EC Cape Town Everything was wonderful at EC, the wide classrooms, the friendly teachers and staff. At EC I learned another way of studying and behaving with different people from different cultures and countries.   During my time in EC I learned many new things, made lots of news friend from all over the world and we visited many places such as Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and also of course the amazing beaches: Muizenberg, Camps Bay Beach and Clifton Beach.   There are many places in Cape Town that will stay memorable for me, the nice restaurants where it is possible to eat different kinds of food. Oh yes! I cannot finish this article without talking about my host family, who welcomed me with enthusiasm and happiness. They were such a wonderful family with whom I improved my speaking outside of class. After all Cape town remains the best place.