Free English Language classes at EC Cape Town

At EC Cape Town we aim to provide students with the best English language classes in South Africa and with our free class program, we have ensured that students will always have something extra. One of the recent lessons focused on adverbs and students had to write their own adverbial poem – pretty cool! Here are some of the best ones.

One of the classrooms at the new EC Cape Town our new school

The first is from Juliana who is currently in the Advanced class

Ego’s eroding

Enlightenment achieved urgently

But you opened up so quietly

Past lives are seen carefully

As the Universe expands lovingly

This photo was taken in Knysna about 4 hours from EC Cape Town and is at a lodge called Two Angels

Raphael who is in Intermediate level gave us this sweet piece:

I was walking nervously

Because I knew a girl speaking lovingly

I talked with her carefully

Suddenly she hugged and kissed me slowly

Girl walking down street

Sarah and Katja worked on the next poem together; both are Upper Intermediate students


I drive through the mountains slowly

I look up at the snow-capped peaks lovingly

The soft, white snow is falling quietly,

I try to drive carefully

Suddenly I turn around

My ski experience ends tragically

A scene that most Swiss students can relate to

And finally Gustavo, who is also at Intermediate level wrote about some of the characters who regularly attend free class, it is simply entitled:

Free Class

Carla comes along quietly

Raphael is always arriving slowly

Joao is talking shyly

Katja makes me miss her sadly

Sometimes I do my work lazily

And the teacher instructs lovingly

Students hanging out